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Vaping Reduces Fires Says London Fire Brigade

Vaping Reduces Fires Says London Fire Brigade

Here at SmokShop, we love everything about vaping and enjoy the many benefits e-cigarettes have to offer. Over two million Brits now use e-cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes and they are feeling the benefits. The UK is now the second largest market for vaping devices in the world! But did you know, London Fire Brigade has stated that vaping significantly reduces the risk of fires and they wished more people would switch to vaping?

Vaping has been getting a bad name in the media lately with stories of electronic cigarettes exploding or starting a fire but this is most commonly due to mistreatment of a mod or incorrect storage and charging. Check out our article on battery safety tips to learn more about vaping safely and reducing risks. Unfortunately, if you hear that something starts fires it is likely you will avoid it. But e-cigarettes are far safer than the media gives them credit for – you just need to do your research.

According to the London Fire Brigade, switching from smoking to vaping could reduce deaths by fire dramatically. Read on to find out more.

Vaping vs. Cigarettes

Dan Daly from the London Fire Brigade has stated that vaping produces far fewer fire risks than traditional cigarettes. This is because the most common causes of cigarette fires are discarded matches and cigarette butts. The London Fire Brigade insist that cigarette smokers should be constantly reminded that the careless disposal of cigarettes is the single biggest killer in house fires. And habits such as smoking in bed, or socially while consuming alcohol are responsible for one in three accidental house fires resulting in death.

Not only does cigarette smoking pose a serious threat to your health but it poses a risk of life loss. Don’t believe us? Check out the statistics below.


One in three fire fatalities are caused by cigarettes and they are the single biggest killer in accidental house fires. The London Fire Brigade have found that, over the last three years, 14 fires were attributed to e-cigarettes compared to a staggering 3500 fires which were caused by tobacco smoking and not extinguishing cigarettes properly.

As a result, new safety standards have come in to force in an attempt to cut the number of people killed in house fires as a result of cigarette smoking. The safety standards mean that every cigarette sold in the EU must meet a reduced ignition propensity requirement. This means that cigarette paper has special bands added to it so that, once lit, a cigarette will go out if it is not actively smoked.

However, vaping is still considered inherently safer than smoking. If you drop your e-cigarette, it won’t catch fire, nor will the coil continue to burn if your vaping kit is not in use and there aren’t any hot ashes to worry about discarding. All in all, vaping is significantly safer than smoking traditional cigarettes.

If You Smoke

If you do smoke and this article has not convinced you to switch to vaping, Britain’s Fire services have a few smoking safety tips to help reduce your chances of getting injured in a house fire.

  • Never smoke in bed.
  • Take extra care when smoking and drinking alcohol or taking medication.
  • Make sure your cigarette is fully extinguished. Put it out, right out!
  • Never leave cigarettes unattended.
  • Do not empty your ashtray into the bin because this can cause the bin to catch fire.
  • Fit and maintain a smoke alarm just in case. You can get a ten-year smoke alarm for roughly the same price as two packets of cigarettes. That’s worth it for something that could potentially save your life, don’t you think?

Fire Safety for Vapers

The fire risks associated with vaping are minimal in contrast with traditional cigarettes. However, there are safety precautions that users must take to keep themselves safe. The main fire risks associated with e-cigarettes are:

  • Those left on charge when they are fully charged.
  • Overheating or being used when wet.
  • Damaged battery
  • Using the incorrect charger or a charger not supplied to you by the manufacturer of your e-cigarette.

As with any electronic device, when using your e-cigarette, you should always be aware that it has the potential to be a fire safety hazard if it is not well looked after or used with caution. Check out our article for more information on vape safety.


Here at Smokshop, we are all about vaping. And it is safe to say that vaping is far safer than cigarette smoking. As the Public Health of England has stated, e-cigarettes are 95% safer to smoke than cigarettes. They are safer in relation to personal health and potential fire risks, which is why we are passionate about giving them the recognition they deserve. So, spread the word and switch to vaping today. For more information about vaping contact us today and we will be available to answer any questions you may have. 

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