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Tips For Your Device

We have compiled a list of tips and tricks to make it easier for you to use your device, gain an understanding of the vaping world and feel confident with your purchase. If you would like more information or to discuss any of the advice please click here to find out how to contact us. Looking for battery and e-liquid safety tips, you can find that here.

  • Keep threads and connections clean to maintain solid connection between battery and atomizer
  • Regularly charge your EGO battery to extend its life
  • Do not use an atomizer less than 1ohm (may cause the wiring to melt and break your battery)
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight or near sources of heat as this may damage or break your battery
  • If your EGO flashes with charge its detecting a short, remove the atomizer and check for shorts
  • Before placing a contact battery on charge wipe over the base to ensure a solid charging connection
  • Batteries with 5 click on/off system, 5 consecutive clicks will be far more reliable than 5 rapid pushes
  • MAH is the duration your battery will last, higher the number the longer in between charges
  • If an atomizer is not making a proper connection, using tweezers, gently lift the positive pin up
  • Always prime your cartomizer before use

  • Once primed, allow to stand for 15-30 minutes before vaping

  • Firing a cartomizer that is not primed will result in destroying the cartomizer making it unusable

  • Cartomizers are sold as a DOA (dead on arrival) item you have 48 hours from receiving them to check them and report any faults

  • To check if a cartomizer is DOA, check the resistance of the cartomizer using a mod or multimeter if it reads it is OK.

  • If you do not have access to a mod or multimeter then priming the cartomizer and firing will ensure that the cartomizer is not DOA

  • Once a cartomizer is primed its recommended to blow through any excess e-liquid into a tissue

  • If placing a cartomizer into a tank, you can prime it and place it straight into a tank but it will still need priming time before use

  • You can fill a cartomizer tank by sliding a needle tip bottle to pour juice down the side of the tank

  • Using just one flavour in a cartomizer will keep it at its best performance and extend the life of the cartomizer and maintain a true flavour

  • Tanks made from glass/Pyrex (Glassomizers) will not be susceptible to cracking with very strong e-liquids such as menthol and strong citrus flavours . If you use these e-liquids we strongly recommend a glassomizer tank. These are available with replacement coils or as cartomizer tanks

  • Glassomizers, like the name suggests are made of glass,  please treat them carefully as they will break if dropped, potentially causing injury.
  • As these are glass you can use any and every type of e-liquid you like without fear of the tank cracking.
  • When cleaning the tank do not change water temperature rapidly as quick temperature change can cause glass to crack.
  • Tanks that incorporate glass will usually have O-ring seals top and bottom of the tank to prevent leaking, please ensure that these are there when reassembling.
  • <spanstyle="font-size: 14px; color: #000000; text-align: justify;">Do not over tighten during assembly as this can put pressure on the glass as this potentially causes cracking
  • When using clearomizers ensure the coil does not become loose when unscrewing the tip to refill with e-liquid
  • When replacing the coil in a clearomizer ensure you do no over tighten as this can damage the new coil
  • To wash a tank fully, disassemble and rinse thoroughly with warm water then either air dry or use kitchen roll to dab dry. After it's dry, use a tissue to clean all threads and contacts thoroughly
  • A shorty cone is designed to hide the ego threads and blend tanks to batteries these can be found in the cartomizers and tanks section
  • Variable voltage and wattage devices have inbuilt protection for shorts, low battery and typically reverse polarity.
  • Regularly clean all threads and connections on VV/VW mods to maintain performance
  • Using good quality batteries will enable your device to reach its specified settings
  • When a battery is full it will read 4.2 volts when a battery becomes low (changes depending on battery) but will typically be at 3.2 volts
  • It is recommended that you use protected batteries in mechanical mods
  • All LI-MN & LI-ION batteries should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from sources of heat and in a protective case to avoid contact with metal objects
  • All LI-MN & LI-ION batteries should be stored with around 3.7 volts in the battery for optimum cell life
  • Batteries should never be left in a charger unoccupied or once charging has completed
  • Do NOT leave any charger unattended while batteries are on charge
  • Insure batteries are placed the correct way round
  • The Intellicharge i2/i4 chargers read each bay and apply a different charging current to each so you can charge up to four different batteries at the same time
  • We strongly advise using a safety charging bag when charging batteries
  • The i2 and i4 chargers can detect what kind of battery is inserted ie LI-MN, NI-MH or NI-CD and apply correct charging current
  • Atomizers and coils only need to be finger tight, as over tightening can cause damage and cause the coil to malfunction or break
  • Coils are available in different resistance, the lower the ohms the quicker and hotter the coil will get resulting in a warmer vaping experience. The lower resistance coils will also cause batteries to drain faster and increase e-liquid consumption
  • Replacement coils are sold as disposables, the life expectancy of the coil is dependant on use and power being used, 1-4 weeks as a typical guide line