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Battery & E-liquid Safety

Electronic cigarettes have taken off massively over the last few years and are an excellent way to get a nicotine hit without the tobacco, tar and smells that come from a normal cigarette. There is a ridiculously wide range of e liquids to choose from and more flavours than you could count, and it is this diversity of choice that is making so many people switch over to e cigs. But are they safe?

We'll leave the scientists and the governing bodies to argue about the health side of electronic cigarettes. Many scientists claim they are much safer than tobacco, but many boards and government departments argue that the findings are unclear. This hasn't put off the millions of vapers around the world though and e cigarettes are more popular now than ever. There are however certain safety issues that you should bear in mind when handling and vaping your e cig.


Nicotine itself is classed as a poison and e liquid should be treated the same as any other dangerous substance that you would have in your household. There have been cases around the world where children have got hold of a fruit flavoured e liquid and ended up in hospital where they drank the contents. The first recorded death by a child drinking e liquid was in 2014 and just like bleach, which has seen many accidental deaths over the years, it should be treated as a toxic substance and all necessary precautions should be taken. Also it is not advised to vape e-liquid whilst pregnant, please consult with your GP before you do so.


As mentioned e liquid is a toxic substance and should be stored away safely, out of the reach of children. Ideally keep it locked up in a secure box so that no curious little hands can stumble upon it. The best way to preserve your e liquid from degradation is to keep it in a cool, dry place. Some even advocate putting it in the fridge to extend its life even further. But wherever you put it, make sure it is LOCKED. Do not put a child, or anyone else at risk by being negligible with a poisonous substance such as nicotine. The best thing to do would be to buy a secure box with a lock and key and store your e liquid away, locked and secure. You can then have peace of mind that you have done everything possible to keep your e liquid safe and prevent any accidents occurring.


As with storing your e liquid, you should also take as many precautions as you can with handling and filling your e cigarette. When filling your e cigarette be careful and mindful at all times that you are handling a toxic substance. Do not under any circumstances squeeze the bottle too hard or near your face whilst filling. The safest method is to fill your e cigarette at arms length, away from your face and eyes, or use a syringe to extract the required amount.

Keep your e liquid away from open wounds and anywhere that it could enter your body. Do not let e liquid get anywhere near your eyes. E liquid in your eye can be extremely painful and will sting, so make sure you always wash your hands after handling. If you do manage to get e liquid in your eye then rinse with cold water immediately. If you continue to feel pain or burning then consult a doctor. As mentioned before e liquid is toxic and you should treat it the same way as you would bleach or any other toxic substance.

When purchasing e liquid, the consumer is always liable for any safety issues. Smokshop.com or any other retailer is not responsible for improper use or handling of e liquid after it leaves our shelves. So make sure you are diligent and careful at all times and treat your e liquid with the proper respect it deserves. In most cases using e-cigarettes and e liquid will be fine, but if you have health issues and concerns including allergies, pregnancy etc .. please consult with your GP/Doctor.


The other part of your electronic cigarette that could be dangerous is of course the battery. As the name suggests an electronic cigarette is an electronic device and all due precautions should be taken when handling and using any electronic device.

If you intend to use a wall plug adapter to charge your electronic cigarette, we recommend that you use an adapter designed to be used specifically for e cigarettes. DO NOT use an iPhone/iPad charger or any USB charger with more than 0.8A output, unless otherwise stated. If leaving unattended whilst charging (which we don't recommend) it is advised that you use a safety charge bag. If using a 510/Ego battery mod with separate batteries please use a branded quality charger like the ones listed on this site, we strongly recommend that you use a safety charge bag whilst charging larger capacity lithium and lipo batteries.

If using Gamucci micro batteries do not use any other charger until you consult with our support team or contact Gamucci for more information.


  • Never over charge/discharge
  • Always recharge empty batteries (resting voltage below ~3.6v)
  • Never short circuit - risk of high current release (store safely)
  • Always store batteries in a protective case when transporting
  • Charge with a suitable charger
  • Never charge on wood or carpet surfaces
  • Never heat or reverse polarity
  • Never leave charging batteries unattended or charging overnight
  • Never use a battery if it fails to hold a charge or looks damaged
  • Dispose of high temperature batteries or check charger
  • As soon as the light turns green remove from charger
  • Set to one side freshly charged batteries for a safe time before using
  • Dispose of safely and never dispose of in a fire
  • We are not responsible for any damage caused by misuse

As with all things electronic safety issues should be paramount in your mind. More so with an electronic cigarette as you are using it to vape, so are continuously holding it to your face. Avoid any unpleasant accidents by always adhering to the instructions, and if you aren't sure then ask an expert.


The same safety concerns should be applied to whatever tank you are using, whatever mods you have and whatever other gadgets you are using to make your e cigarette experience as enjoyable as it should be. It is easy to take your e cig for granted when you are vaping every day, but remember it is an electronic device that is heating up a toxic substance to provide the vaper that you enjoy so much. Treat it with respect, care and attention at all times and you will avoid any unwanted accidents from occurring.

If in doubt about ANYTHING always contact an expert. Smokshop.com have dedicated staff and we are always on hand to offer advice on anything related to e cigarettes. We don't want people to have any unnecessary accidents and give the governing bodies more ammunition to stigmatise e cigarettes. Keep safety in the forefront of your minds at all times, pay attention to everything you are doing with your e cigarette, be diligent, be mindful and most importantly be SAFE. Happy vaping.