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Vaping Travel Guide: All You Need To Know About Travelling With A Vape

There are many rules that must be followed when travelling abroad with a vape or e-liquids. Many airlines and airports have certain restrictions on what is allowed in your luggage and where you are allowed to vape in the airport. At SmokShop, we endeavour to give all you need to know about travelling with a vape and the restrictions you have to follow. We recommend you double check with your travelling company, as well as the relevant authorities, before travelling to ensure that our information is still applicable.


9 Sweet Vape Flavours You Need To Try

Vaping caters to the needs of any user, as the range of flavours to choose from is never ending. If you have a sweet tooth and are looking for vape juice to satisfy your taste buds, SmokShop has some of the best dessert and sweet vape juices available. At SmokShop, we want to give you 9 of the best sweet vape juices you should consider trying to broaden your horizons.


The Ultimate Guide For Switching From Smoking To Vaping

Vaping is one of the most effective ways to help quit smoking, as switching to vaping can help gradually break smoking habits. Public Health England has declared vaping 95% less harmful than smoking, as the impact of nicotine withdrawal and health risks associated with smoking will be significantly reduced. At SmokShop, we tell you about the symptoms and benefits of switching from smoking to vaping.


9 Weird And Unique E-Liquid Flavours You Need To Try

Today's market offers hundreds of e-liquid flavours to experience, from traditional tastes to more experimental creations. However, with so many to try, where do you start? SmokShop stocks e-liquid flavours for every taste, from menthol and mint to sweet treat flavours. However, if you’re looking for an e-liquid that is outside the box and reminiscent of flavours only found on odd occasions, you’re in the right place. Our collection offers several weird vape flavours, perfect for those with a taste for the unconventional! Below, we show you 9 weird and unique vape e-liquid flavours you should consider trying and why they’re worth adding to your collection!


Vaping Safety For Children: How To Keep Your Kids Safe From Vapes

Renowned as a less harmful alternative to smoking cigarettes, vaping has quickly become popular over recent years. However, using vapes and e-liquids can cause significant harm to anyone if used incorrectly, especially children, if you leave a vape and e-liquid unattended. So, it's essential to be aware of how to reduce the dangers of vaping and protect young people from vape pens and e-liquids. Here at SmokShop, we tell you everything you need to know about the dangers of vaping and how to keep your children safe from vapes and e-liquids.


9 Fruit E-Liquid Flavours You Need To Try

Vaping brands have created many unique e-liquids based on nostalgic treats and drinks, adding new, fun flavours to their collections. However, it is undoubtedly fruit e-liquids that have always remained popular. SmokShop stocks a wide range of exotic and refreshing fruit flavours that are perfect for all times of the day. Here at SmokShop, we offer 9 delicious fruit flavours that you need to add to your vape collection.


E-Liquid Safety Guide: Are E-Liquids Safe To Use?

Batteries are the most common dangers associated with e-cigarettes. But, if you do not proceed cautiously, e-liquid can also be dangerous. Like batteries, e-liquid is dangerous if it isn’t stored properly or used irresponsibly. Nicotine is classified as a poison, and e-liquid should be treated the same way as any other dangerous substance that you would have in your household. The nicotine in e-liquid is poisonous if enough is ingested, especially if it is swallowed or rubbed all over the skin. Here at SmokShop, we want to give you some safety tips on how to store your e-liquids and the dangers surrounding them.


10 Popular E-liquid Flavours To Try In 2023

Vaping allows you to get creative in the flavour you want, ranging from fruity to sweet tastes to suit any preference. If you are starting vaping or looking for a new flavour to try, SmokShop has an impressive variety of flavours. Here at SmokShop, we want to give you 10 best e-liquid flavours you should consider trying in 2023.

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The Most Popular Question Asked In Vape Shops

As a vaping company we are asked plenty of questions every single day. It makes up a lot of our day to day routine here at Smokshop and people asking questions helps us help the people that come through our doors throughout the year. Thankfully we’re equipped with the experience to answer a lot of these queries and problems that our customers bring to us. Naturally we hear a lot of the same questions come up time and time again, but one of them trumps them all. One question we... Read More

Smokshop Nicotine Salt 08/07/2021

Smokshop Gets Salty

Smokshop Gets Salty Posted by Cas Jones on July 08, 2021 Nicotine salts. What even are they? Are they just a buzzword for the latest trend in vaping or are they a legitimate new advancement in vaping that is set to forever change the landscape of e-liquid. Its no secret that almost every e-liquid you can buy has a ‘salt’ version of that liquid. But what does that even mean? Its pretty straightforward actually. Nicotine salts are a form of nicotine that more closely resembles the way nicotine occues naturally... Read More