9 Sweet Vape Flavours You Need To Try

Vaping caters to the needs of any user, as the range of flavours to choose from is never ending. If you have a sweet tooth and are looking for vape juice to satisfy your taste buds, SmokShop has some of the best dessert and sweet vape juices available.

At SmokShop, we want to give you 9 of the best sweet vape juices you should consider trying to broaden your horizons.

Exquisite flavours to suit all tastes

SmokShop has a wide range of dessert and sweet vape juices to choose from and satisfy your taste buds. From succulent fruit-based e-liquids to classic flavours like bubblegum vape juice, there is an e-liquid for everyone. Read on to see some of the best dessert and sweet vape juices you should add to your collection.

Strawberry ice

Strawberry ice is ideal for vapers wanting a flavour with a refreshing throat hit to use throughout the summer months. Strawberry ice e-liquid combines a strawberry freshness with a slight mint hit, reminiscent of a strawberry ice pop. So, if you’re looking for an e-liquid that supplies a fresh hit and an ice lolly sensation, strawberry ice is the perfect flavour.

Sweet tobacco

Smokshop sweet tobacco 10ml e-liquid

Sweet tobacco vape juice has an excellent throat hit and produces a nice, clean flavour for the vaper. This e-liquid has a hint of sweetness but doesn’t take over the tobacco flavour, which it complements well. If you have recently switched from smoking to vaping, then sweet tobacco e-liquid is an excellent choice.


Smokshop RY4 flavour 10ml e-liquid

RY4 is a sweet caramel tobacco e-liquid that will melt away in your mouth. Rich in flavour, the sweet caramel matches perfectly with the tobacco to give you a succulent kick. RY4 e-liquid provides a smooth throat hit due to the smooth caramel tones that run through the notes of tobacco. If you are transitioning to or have recently transitioned from smoking to vaping, RY4 e-liquid is an excellent choice.


Smokshop Cherry Flavour 10ml e-liquid

Cherry e-liquid is perfect for those who prefer a fruity yet sweet vape. Cherry e-liquid is available in many variations, from cherry cola to cherry bakewell. Cherry e-liquid is full of rich flavour and can be enjoyed at any point during the day. A perfect imitation of the juicy fruit, cherry e-liquid is perfect for a warm summer day.


Vampire Vape bubblegum flavour 10ml e-liquid

For those with a sweet tooth, bubblegum e-liquid is the perfect flavour to bring you back to your childhood. This nostalgic taste is the perfect treat to enjoy at all times of the day. Finished with an icy hint of slush, bubblegum e-liquid is ideal for those wanting a refreshing vape. With fruity notes, bubblegum gives all vapers a smooth throat hit.

Vanilla custard

Smokshop vanilla custard flavour e-liquid

Vanilla custard is the perfect vape if you are looking for an after-meal treat that is reminiscent of the well-known dessert. Rich in flavour, this smooth and creamy vape is perfect for use anytime during the day. Vanilla custard is finished off with an icy exhale, making it ideal as a refreshing vape during the summer.

Kurimu yoghurt

Wick Liquor Kurimu Yoghurt Miyako Apricot flavour 50ml shortfill e-liquid

Kurimu yoghurt by Wick Liquor is perfect for vapers looking for a smooth and creamy flavour. Kurimu yoghurt is ideal as a delicious after-meal treat, ready to be used anytime during the day. Rich in taste, Kurimu yoghurt is finished off with succulent apricot, forest fruits or raspberry flavours. If you are looking for a refreshing vape, look no further than Kurimu yoghurt vapes. Perfect for a summer’s day, this creamy vape juice is perfect for vapers wanting a smooth throat hit.

Raspberry sorbet

Smokshop raspberry sorbet flavour 10ml e-liquid

Raspberry sorbet from Smokshop is another excellent choice for vapers who love sweet vape juice. Raspberry sorbet is made up of succulent raspberries with a sweet and tangy flavour, combined with a smooth cream finish. Raspberry sorbet is one of the best sweet vape juices to help satisfy a sweet tooth. Finished off with a refreshing kick, raspberry sorbet is the perfect vape for the summer. Raspberry sorbet is available as a 10ml e-liquid or 50ml shortfill to suit your needs.

Lemon sherbet

Dinner Lady lemon sherbet flavour disposable vape

Lemon sherbet has a delicious flavour reminiscent of the hard-boiled sweet and is finished off with an icy exhale. This e-liquid has a sharp yet sweet taste and is extremely refreshing, making it the perfect vape for the summer or anytime throughout the day. Lemon sherbet at SmokShop is available as a disposable vape, which enables any vaper to vape on the go.

Explore more unique flavours at SmokShop

The flavours mentioned above are some of the best dessert and sweet vape juices you can find at SmokShop to help satisfy your sweet tooth. If you are a dessert or sweets lover, you can explore the whole range of desserts and creams e-liquids or sweets and treats e-liquids. If desserts or sweets aren’t to your taste, why not explore our extensive selection of delicious fruit or drinks e-liquids?

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