9 Weird And Unique E-Liquid Flavours You Need To Try

Today’s market offers hundreds of e-liquid flavours to experience, from traditional tastes to more experimental creations. However, with so many to try, where do you start?

SmokShop stocks e-liquid flavours for every taste, from menthol and mint to sweet treat flavours. However, if you’re looking for an e-liquid that is outside the box and reminiscent of flavours only found on odd occasions, you’re in the right place.

Our collection offers several weird vape flavours, perfect for those with a taste for the unconventional! Below, we show you 9 weird and unique vape e-liquid flavours you should consider trying and why they’re worth adding to your collection!

Branch out with weird and unique vape flavours

If you’re looking to move away from common flavours such as banana or tobacco, SmokShop has various weird vape flavours that will help to transform your e-liquid collection. From fireball e-liquid to unicorn hoops vape juice, these strange vape flavours are perfect for broadening your taste buds.

Norfolk Banger v2 e-liquid

SmokShop’s very own unique new and improved Norfolk Banger v2 e-liquid is perfect for those wanting to experience a berry sensation. Consisting of succulent blackcurrant, blackberries, and raspberries, Norfolk Banger v2 vape juice is ideal as a light and fruity vape for any point throughout the day. Norfolk Banger v2 e-liquid is finished off with a hint of aniseed and menthol taste to give any vaper a refreshing vape. Add your preferred amount of nicotine to Norfolk Banger v2 e-liquid to suit your needs.

Guanabana and Lime e-liquid

Guanabana and lime e-liquid is the perfect vape for those looking for a tropical taste. Bursting with flavour, this exotic vape consists of delicious banana, tart pineapple and cream tastes. Guanabana and lime vape juice is finished off with an icy taste on the exhale to give every vaper a fresh and invigorating vape. Guanabana and lime e-liquid is available as a 50/50 mix, which can be used in almost every device.

Strawberry Macaroon e-liquid

Dinner Lady strawberry macaroon e-liquid is ideal for all vapers who want a mouth-watering sweet treat. Strawberry macaroon vape juice is made up of rich almond, coconut and strawberry flavours to give all vapers a revitalising vape. Available as a disposable vape pen, strawberry macaroon vape juice is perfect for vapers who are starting out and looking for a pocket-friendly device. Strawberry macaroon e-liquid is also available as a nic salt, perfect for any smoker transitioning to vaping.

Unicorn Hoops e-liquid

Reminiscent of the American breakfast cereal, unicorn hoops e-liquid is perfect for helping you start your day off right. Unicorn Hoops vape juice gives each vaper a taste of sugary cereal, topped off with a light marshmallow flavour. IVG’s Unicorn Hoops e-liquid is finished off with a chilled milky exhale for a refreshing vape. Unicorn Hoops vape juice is available as a 10ml nic salt or 50ml shortfill to suit all preferences.

Paradise Lagoon e-liquid

Encounter a taste of the tropics with flavourful Paradise Lagoon e-liquid. Paradise Lagoon vape juice is centred around exotic sweet pineapple and a delicate papaya taste to create the ultimate tropical fusion. It is finished with a layer of citrus and menthol, giving every vaper a sweet yet refreshing exhale. Paradise Lagoon vape juice is available as a 10ml e-liquid or nic salt and a 50ml shortfill to suit the preferences of every vaper.

Peanut Banana Granola e-liquid

If you are looking for a succulent dessert-flavoured vape as the perfect treat after any meal, look no further than peanut banana granola e-liquid. Peanut banana granola vape juice is only available as a nic salt, making it ideal for smokers transitioning to vaping. It combines  creamy peanut butter and smooth banana flapjack to create a delicious vape that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Off The Rails e-liquid

Kings Custard Off The Rails e-liquid is a fantastic after-meal treat for any vaper looking for a dessert-flavoured vape. Off The Rails vape juice consists of rich custard and a succulent banana cheesecake to help satisfy any sweet tooth. Topped off with a hint of cinnamon, Off The Rails e-liquid is ideal for vaping at any time throughout the day. Off The Rails vape juice is a shortfill containing no nicotine, designed for use with nic shots.

Mangosteen and Guava e-liquid

Experience a taste of tropical islands with delicious and fruity mangosteen and guava e-liquid. This combination of exquisite tropical flavours creates the perfect vape to be enjoyed on a warm summer’s day. Mangosteen and guava vape juice offers hints of peach, strawberry, pineapple and pear to create the ultimate tropical fruit sensation. Mangosteen and guava e-liquid is available as a 10ml nic salt and 50ml or 100ml shortfills to suit all needs.

Twisted Ice Cream e-liquid

Perfect for a summer’s day, experience a taste sensation of fruity flavours with twisted ice cream e-liquid at SmokShop. Twisted ice cream vape juice is available as a shortfill, allowing you to add your own nic shots, and is suitable for sub-ohm devices. Twisted ice cream provides every vaper with a delicious and fruity vape finished off with a cool exhale. Experience a strawberry and lemon core enveloped with tasty lime sorbet and pineapple ice cream flavours.

Choose from several strange vape flavours at SmokShop

SmokShop has a wide variety of weird vape flavours to choose from, offering the perfect opportunity to update your vape collection and broaden your taste buds. If you are not looking for strange vape flavours, why not browse SmokShop’s range of premium flavour groups? From fruit e-liquids to sweets and treats e-liquids, SmokShop has various options you can choose from.

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