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A Review of the Most Unusual E-Liquid Flavours

A Review of the Most Unusual E-Liquid Flavours

If you’ve ever browsed a vape shop, you’ll have noticed the wide variety of e-liquid flavours available. If you’re fed up with your regular flavour or looking for something just a little bit different, why not try a few of these weird and unusual e-juices?

Peanut butter

It’s delicious on toast, or in a sandwich with jam, so of course it makes sense as an e-liquid right? We’ll freely admit that it’s not for everyone; peanut butter e-liquid is probably the Marmite of the vaping world (and believe it or not, that also exists). For those of you with a sweet tooth, why not try this caramel e-liquid – an unmissable flavour sensation, with an irresistible mix of delicious aromas.

Red Bull

Fans of the energy drink will be excited to learn there’s an e-liquid version of their favourite tipple. Without the sugar or caffeine to provide an energy boost, it may not give you wings, but if you love the distinctive flavour of the drink, it could be a good choice for you. Try the Energy Cow E-Liquid for a quick lift – or why not check out our Coffee E-liquid for an alternative and great-tasting way to kick-start your day.


Who would voluntarily inhale garlic-infused e-liquid? Incredibly, this is a genuine e-liquid flavour (said to be overwhelmingly pungent). It’s undoubtedly a great flavour for warding off vampires.


In real life, a small amount of wasabi is enough to make your eyes water. Although it may well be a true taste sensation, we’ve filed it firmly under “flavours vapers aren’t keen to get their hands on”. Why not try a refreshing menthol flavour instead?

Roast chicken

Some flavours are perfect in their original form, but may not translate too well to an e-liquid. In our view, roast chicken definitely belongs in that category. If you’re a fan of synthetically seasoned savoury vapes, this may be for you – but if a Sunday lunch vape substitute is what you’re after, we’d recommend a nice apple pie e-juice over roast chicken, any day of the week.


Concocting e-liquid flavours is a bit like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory – sometimes some truly tasty concoctions are created (such as the super-sweet bubblegum slush or the tang-tastic lemon sherbet), but every now and then brands produce something that sounds truly disgusting. Like tuna-flavoured e-liquid for example!

There are some truly bizarre e-liquid flavours out there – chances are, if you can think of it, someone’s turned it into vape juice. What’s your favourite? Check out our flavoursome range of e-liquids and try something new today.

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