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What is E-Liquid?

What is E-Liquid - Eliquid is mainly PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin) or a mixture of both with nicotine and your desired flavour. Most nicotine is 99% pure and above, and our SmokShop Hangsen tobacco essence is extracted from tobacco plants through a special filtration process which eliminates all the nasty toxins. Using this natural approach to our tobacco flavoured products leans towards a better vaping experience, due to other brands using synthetic flavours. Our Nicotine strengths range from 6mg to 18mg. The strength of the nicotine determines how much throat hit you get, and for most people 6mg to 12mg is enough, but for the heavier smoker 12mg or above may be needed.

Is it safe? 

Well this is up for debate, and without years of research, no-one can prove otherwise or there just isn't enough information available to satisfy all parties. We don't have the authority to say either way, but if you search the web you'll find pretty strong cases from leading doctors encouraging the use of e-liquid, and that it doesn't contain any of the cancer related carcinogens, the thousands of ingredients that can cause cancer.

One thing is for sure we know for a fact what damage smoking can do, directly or passively and passive vaping is being widely reported as being safe for people around vapers. We advise to not vape e-liquid whilst pregnant, breast feeding or of ill health, please consult with your GP before you do so and if you're concerned in general about the use of e-cigs.