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What are E-Cigs?

Electronic Cigarettes are used to vape e-liquid and is currently the most popular alternative to smoking. E-Cig's are designed to deliver nicotine and satisfy the craving to smoke. You could say the main reason it's so popular is the fact that it resembles the real thing. Whilst many people have given up smoking using this method, many have found that it offers them a much safer alternative, and continue to vape e-liquid, which contains nicotine, instead of smoking.

Atomisers & Cartridge Style Vaping
This is one of the original methods of delivering a good vape and this method is still used today by thousands all over the world. First of all you drip some liquid in to a cartridge, a bit like a filter tip on a cigarette, but where the filter should be is a special material which is used to soak up the e-liquid. The liquid is then soaked up by the atomiser which plugs into a battery. When the battery heats up the atomizer the e-liquid it soaked up generates a steamy vapour for you to inhale, this gives you that nice throat hit feeling like smoking the real thing!

If you don't like the idea of using cartridges why not try an Ego Clearomizer or Glassomizer they work in the same way, but use a tank system to deliver the liquid to the atomizer instead of a cartridge.

Cartomizer Style Vaping
A Cartomizer is an atomizer contained in a cartridge, these work by feeding e-liquid to the coil or coils of the atomizer. The atomizer has a synthetic filler that absorbes e-liquid, and as heat is applied to the coil it draws e-liquid in. Cartomizers can be used by priming them initially then keeping them topped up with e-liquid, but you can also use pre-punched cartomizers inserted into a tank which feeds the cartomizer e-liquid.

There are many different shapes and sizes of cartomizer which can hold from 1ml of e-liquid up to a whopping 5ml. However due to regulations in the UK, the largest capacity is 2ml. They are available in single and dual coil options, but all cartos are basically the same thing designed to suit a different purpose. The difference between single and dual coil comes down to user preference, dual coils require more power to run them, use more e-liquid and are typically a warmer vape.