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The Top 10 Weirdest E-Liquid Flavours

The Top 10 Weirdest E-Liquid Flavours

Trying out the flavours – Hit, or Miss?

The vaping industry is worth over £4-billion pounds, and according to Wells Fargo analysts, that number is estimated to rise to around £10-billion annually by 2017. The vape community is one that is ever expanding and drawing in more and more users every hour. In 2014, Oxford Dictionary chose “Vape” as the word of the year. It goes without saying that the vape industry is currently thriving and personally, I cannot see its popularity dying out anytime soon.

I think it’s safe to say that much of the appeal that surrounds vaping is the e-liquid. Traditionally, e-juice flavours such as strawberry, menthol and apple appeal to a wide range of vapers.

However, these flavours are not what we are looking at today. We, are instead looking at the weird flavours, the flavours that really shouldn’t exist, but thanks to science they do, and some of them are quite hilarious.

We have put together a list of the top 10 weirdest e-juice flavours you can find on the market. Some, sound amazing, others, sound dreadful.

  1. Red Bull

Plausible, yet still makes the weird list. The flavour has become very popular recently, and people have actually been praising it! Due to the hype, I did go out and try this myself and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Imagine Red Bull, but sweeter with a citrus after taste. If you like Red Bull, then you’re sure to love his e-juice. Definitely worth a try.


  1. Birthday Cake

Again, this is slightly plausible, as the world is already filled with other sweet e-flavours. This one was very, very sweet, it tastes exactly like what you’d imagine. It’s like a hard hit of frosting, sometimes it does feel overwhelming, but because of its uniqueness, it’s worth a shot, without a doubt.


  1. Beer

Really? Yes. I was very sceptical about this one, and I was right to think so. I do enjoy a beer from time to time, but in its natural liquid form. The initial taste is almost quite fruity, grape-esq even, but it then leaves you with an unwelcoming beer after taste. It’s ab brave idea and it sure is unique, but for me, I wasn’t a huge fan. Beer is for drinking, not vaping.


  1. Butter

This is arguably the weirdest one, as butter, at least to me, doesn’t really have much of a taste! I was not looking forward to trying this at all, and I was right. It smells like butter mixed with out-of-date vegetables. It is honestly one of the worst tastes I have ever experienced. It leaves a very bitter taste in your mouth and generally does not sit well in the mouth.

Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth? Well, this time utter does melt in the mouth, and it’s horrible.


  1. The Elvis

If you’re an avid Elvis Presley fan, this might intrigue you. The e-liquid features bananas, bacon and peanut butter. This really was a strange and yet oddly wonderful taste. I wouldn’t name this a mainstay in my e-liquid collection, though it did surprise me. If you’re a fan of “The King” this is right up your street.


  1. Pumpkin Pie

Another flavour that genuinely interested me. I wish I’d tried this around Halloween! The flavour, isn’t displeasing, nor unpleasant, it’s just… Vacant! It is one of the blandest flavours I’ve tried. It sort of tasted like crackers, bland and dull. Unfortunately, this did not live up to my expectations.


  1. Bacon

Everyone loves bacon, right? (Apart from the vegans and vegetarians, obviously). So, why not throw it into an e-liquid? Don’t get me wrong, I do like bacon, but there are just some things that shouldn’t be meddled with. Obviously, people have trialled the rogue flavour, many came out with mixed feelings. Some say it tastes like licking a frying pan after cooking bacon, others compare the taste to burnt leather mixed with greasy bacon fat.

If you really love bacon, give it a go. Personally, however, I think I’ll give this one a miss.


  1. Nacho Cheese

Annddd back into the weird realm. I was excited about trying this, being a huge fan of nachos and cheese (who isn’t?). How disappointed I was to find myself gagging and almost hurling moments after the first hit. This, unfortunately, does not taste like Nacho Cheese. It tastes like burning, a burning vegetable? It just takes like a combination of generic basic food mushed into one taste. It is just the strangest taste. Really cannot see how anyone would consider this a mainstay in their collection.


  1. Mother’s Milk

Even though Mother’s Milk is massively popular, I have to admit at first I was incredibly sceptical about. I honestly thought it was a joke. Though, I did enjoy the taste, and since then have become a big fan. It has hints of milky, strawberry tones with a smooth, floaty hit. That being said, I wouldn’t like to ask a vendor for ‘Mother’s Milk’, it just sounds so, so wrong.


1.Crab Legs

This is probably the last thing anyone would want to vape, but it does exist. I remember BlueMist releasing a flavour called ‘Crab Juice’ as a novelty e-liquid and it did gain some public curiosity. Though, unfortunately they have shut down. In regards to the taste? Well, it’s spot on if you like crab legs. It tastes as if I’m constantly inhaling a fix market. But hey, if that’s to your taste, then great! For me, personally, this was horrible.

So horrible.



That concludes our top 10 weirdest e-liquid flavour countdown! Have we missed any that you’ve tried and loved or hated? Please let us know in the comments below, I’d love to try some more wacky flavours!

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