10 Popular E-liquid Flavours To Try In 2023

Vaping allows you to get creative in the flavour you want, ranging from fruity to sweet tastes to suit any preference. If you are starting vaping or looking for a new flavour to try, SmokShop has an impressive variety of flavours.

Here at SmokShop, we want to give you 10 best e-liquid flavours you should consider trying in 2023.

An impressive selection of flavours

SmokShop stocks only the best vape flavours that you should consider to update your collection. From classic flavours like tobacco and menthol to eccentric tastes such as bubblegum and rhubarb and custard, SmokShop has several options for you to try. Find out below about some of the best e-liquid flavours you should try out in 2023.

Tobacco e-liquid

If you have started vaping to stop smoking cigarettes, a classic tobacco e-liquid may be the perfect flavour. Tobacco e-liquid is one of the best vape flavours for vapers looking for a smooth and mellow flavour throughout the day. Tobacco e-liquids flawlessly uphold a cigarette’s taste without any tobacco included. If you’re looking for a classic flavour with a twist, our tobacco e-liquids come in a variety of blends and flavours to enhance your vaping experience.

Menthol e-liquid

Menthol e-liquids are the best e-liquid flavour for those looking to transition from menthol cigarettes. With no hints of tobacco, menthol e-liquids are ideal if you are looking for a cool and refreshing throat hit. Icy mint menthol vape juices are perfect for relaxing during the day. Many fruit-infused menthol e-liquids are available to give your vape a fruity kick and give you a revitalising vape. Menthol vape juices are perfect if you are looking to branch out and try an exceptional range of refreshing flavours.

Apple e-liquid

If you are looking for an e-liquid that has a sweet fruity flavour, apple e-liquid may be the perfect option to try. A very popular vape juice, apple e-liquids are ideal for those who prefer a fruity flavour with a refreshing throat hit. Apple vape juices are versatile and easy to mix with various other flavours or perfect to use on its own. If you are looking to branch out into more fruity tastes, apple e-liquid is a good starting point.

Banana e-liquid

Banana e-liquids are exotic in flavour and perfect for those looking to try out fruit-flavoured e-liquids. Banana e-liquids are the best vape flavour if you’re looking for a freshening throat hit that isn’t too sweet and can be used all day. Banana vape juice is the perfect base note to combine with other fruity flavours to create a taste sensation. This versatile flavour is perfect if you want a stimulating vape with a smooth throat hit.

Berry blast e-liquid

A layered and expansive fruity flavour, berry blast e-liquids are the ultimate choice for all fruit lovers. Made with a combination of tasty and intoxicating grape, blackcurrant and raspberry flavours, berry blast is the best e-liquid flavour for those looking for a fruit sensation. An exciting and fresh flavour that will give you a smooth throat hit, berry blast vape juice is an ideal starting point for a stimulating vape.

Cola e-liquid

One of the most popular e-liquid flavours, cola e-liquids are perfect if you are on the lookout for a classic and nostalgic taste. Cola e-liquids are a great option for vaping at any point throughout the day. Cola is the best e-liquid flavour if you are looking for a sweet and indulgent taste reminiscent of the popular Coca-Cola drink, that provides an icy cold, refreshing throat hit. If you are looking for a vape juice that is a treat to puff, this e-liquid is the perfect option.

Bubblegum e-liquid

If you have a sweet tooth, then bubblegum e-liquid is one flavour you will definitely want to try. With a fabulous fruity flavour that gives you a smooth throat hit, this nostalgic taste is a throwback to childhood. Bubblegum vape juice has an exquisite taste which provides you with a revitalising vape. Bubblegum is the best e-liquid flavour to enjoy at all times of the day and a perfect sweet treat.

Rhubarb and custard e-liquid

A perfect recreation of the hard-boiled sweet, rhubarb and custard e-liquid is the best vape flavour to enjoy as an after-meal dessert. If you have a sweet tooth or love your desserts, rhubarb and custard is one vape you must try. With a hint of smooth custard on the inhale followed by a sweet and tangy rhubarb taste, this vape juice is unique and remarkable in flavour. Rhubarb and custard vapes give you a sweet-tasting, yet smooth throat hit.

Vanilla e-liquid

If you are looking for a sweet and creamy vape to enjoy throughout the day, our popular vanilla e-liquid provides a subtle flavour reminiscent of classic ice cream. Vanilla e-liquid has an icy and refreshing throat hit, making it perfect for a summer’s day. Vanilla vape juices give you a smooth inhale and are a great base note for mixing with more intense flavours to create an extravagant taste sensation.

Cigar e-liquid

Cigar e-liquids may be the best vape flavour for those who are looking to stop smoking cigars. This vape juice flawlessly replicates the taste of a fine Cuban cigar, giving you a strong and authentic vape. This vape juice has a spicy flavour with earthy and woody aromas, giving you a smooth throat hit throughout the day. If you are looking for a more classic flavour, tobacco e-liquids are perfect for a mellow taste anytime during the day.

Find your perfect e-liquid flavour with SmokShop

SmokShop has various e-liquid flavours for you to try, whether you are just starting vaping or looking for a new flavour. The ten flavours mentioned above are the best vape e-liquid flavours if you are starting vaping or looking for a classic taste. If you want more unique tastes, why not browse our full range of dessert-flavoured e-liquids or our sweets and treats e-liquids?

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