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SmokShop’s Most Popular E-Liquids

SmokShop’s Most Popular E-Liquids

The team at SmokShop are always being asked to recommend a good e-liquid flavour or brand, and while we only stock the brands and products we love, there are some firm favourites used by our customer base.

If you’re wondering where to start with e-liquid, or just fancy trying a new flavour, you won’t go far wrong by purchasing one of the bestselling e-liquid products listed below from our online store.

Menthol E-Liquid

Cool and fresh, menthol e-liquid is always a popular flavour at SmokShop, and the undisputed bestseller in this section is the branded Hangsen menthol e-liquid. Unlike other menthol vape juice, this e-liquid contains no tobacco flavour, so it’s distinctly different from a menthol cigarette.

Highly rated in customer reviews, one vaper summed it up well: “Great fresh taste and I’m not sure what I’d do if they stopped making it.” 

Tobacco E-Liquid

If, like many of our customers, you turned to vaping as a way to kick the cigarette habit, a tobacco e-liquid may be just what you’re looking for. Judging by the number of different tobacco flavours we stock (including gold, silver and pale blends), you’re by no means alone!

By far the most popular tobacco e-liquid in our online store is the classic branded Hangsen British Tobacco e-liquid. It’s faithful to the taste of a cigarette and you’d never know it contains no actual tobacco. 

Which E-Liquid Brands Are Best?

Some people prefer to shop for their e-liquid by brand. After all, when you find a brand you love, you can trust them to come up with the goods, whichever flavour you try. 

We’ve written before about why we’re fans of Hangsen, and we’d recommend you try some products from their range. Browse our selection of over fifty Hangsen e-liquids to find something new.

Hangsen E-Liquid Flavours Include:

Simple, basic flavours are often the best, and that’s definitely true when it comes to Hangsen’s fruit flavoured e-liquids. As ever, Hangsen’s apple, blueberry and strawberry flavours are a top choice for many of our shoppers – offering a surprisingly accurate reproduction of a real fruit taste.

Those with a sweet tooth are spoilt for choice. Classic candy flavours include bubble gum and rhubard and custard – sweet, traditional and nostalgic, they have a taste that’s comfortingly familiar. Or if you prefer classic puddings to penny sweets, Hangsen’s caramel and vanilla custard flavours are also well worth checking out.

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