9 Fruit E-Liquid Flavours You Need To Try

Vaping brands have created many unique e-liquids based on nostalgic treats and drinks, adding new, fun flavours to their collections. However, it is undoubtedly fruit e-liquids that have always remained popular.

SmokShop stocks a wide range of exotic and refreshing fruit flavours that are perfect for all times of the day. Here at SmokShop, we offer 9 delicious fruit flavours that you need to add to your vape collection.

An impressive range of fruit flavours

SmokShop stocks only the best fruity vape juices which you should consider to update your vape collection. From popular flavours like apple and grape to exotic tastes such as mango and watermelon, SmokShop has several options to try if you are looking for more fruit flavours.

Apple e-liquids

Red apples

Apple e-liquid is the perfect option if you are looking for a fruity e-liquid that provides a crisp and sweet flavour. Apple e-liquids are ideal for those who are thinking about exploring a more fruity taste. A versatile flavour, apple vape juices are ideal for use alone or as a base note for mixing with other flavours. Reminiscent of the everyday fruit and one of the most popular fruit e-liquids, apple e-liquids are ideal for those who prefer a refreshing throat hit.

Banana e-liquids

One of the most popular fruit e-liquids and exotic in flavour, banana e-liquids are ideal for vapers wanting to test more fruit-flavoured vapes. Banana e-liquids provide a reinvigorating throat hit, which isn’t too sweet. Perfect to be used as a base note for combining with other flavours to create a taste sensation or on their own, banana e-liquids are incredibly versatile. Banana vape juices are incredibly stimulating and take your favourite fruit to the next level.

Strawberry e-liquid


Strawberry e-liquids are based on the summer fruit with the sweet, juicy taste of a strawberry. Perfect for warm summer days, strawberry e-liquids provide the vaper with a refreshing and smooth throat hit. Strawberry vape juices are cool and fruity with an icy menthol exhale, giving you a revitalising vape. This versatile flavour is perfect for use on its own or as a base flavour for mixing with other fruity tastes. Strawberry e-liquids at SmokShop come in a range of sweet and unique variations to satisfy those with a sweet tooth.

Watermelon e-liquid

Slices of watermelon

Watermelon e-liquid is perfect if you are looking for a vape that provides a fruity yet delicate flavour. This tropical-tasting vape gives any vaper a satisfying throat hit and is ideal for any summer day. Those looking for a flavour that is exotic and adventurous need to look no further than watermelon e-liquid at SmokShop. Watermelon vape juice gives all vapers a sweet inhale and a cool and revitalising exhale. SmokShop also stocks a range of watermelon e-liquid variations consisting of other delicious fruits that create a taste sensation.

Grape e-liquid

Grapes on a vine

Grape e-liquid is the perfect all-day vape which provides any vaper with a sweet and fruity inhale. Grape e-liquids are reminiscent of the fruit, with a slightly tart and juicy taste. If you’re looking for a vape that will give you a refreshing and flavourful throat hit, grape vape juices are the perfect option. Grape candy e-liquid is a tasty and sweet innovation of grape e-liquid and is perfect for those with a sweet tooth looking for a fruity vape.

Blueberry e-liquid


If you’re looking for a tangy vape with a refreshing and icy finish, then blueberry e-liquid is the perfect choice for any vaper. With a sweet and smooth flavour, blueberry vape juice is ideal for when you want to relax. This versatile e-liquid is exquisite as its own flavour or ideal for creating a delicious burst of flavours. Many blueberry e-liquids from many high-quality brands are available at SmokShop to suit all preferences.

Cherry e-liquid


Cherry e-liquid is the perfect flavour if you prefer a vape with a dark and tangy fruity flavour. Cherry menthol vape juice can be used anytime throughout the day for a refreshing vape with a crisp taste. All cherry e-liquids are ideal if you are looking for a fruity flavour with a smooth throat hit, and they can be a great alternative to dessert-flavoured vapes, if you prefer a more tangy taste. If you are looking for a nostalgic dessert flavour, cherry bakewell e-liquid is a perfect choice.

Blue raspberry e-liquid

Just Juice blue raspberry flavour 10ml e-liquid

If you are looking for a taste sensation, look no further than blue raspberry e-liquid, which is an infused blend of succulent fruity berries. Blue raspberry vape juice is ideal for vapers with a sweet tooth and looking for a vape that can be used anytime throughout the day. A mix of sweet and sharp notes, blue raspberry e-liquid gives all vapers a revitalising vape topped off with a smooth throat hit.

Mango e-liquid

Mango on a plate

Reminiscent of the exotic fruit, give yourself a taste of tropical islands with delicious mango e-liquid at SmokShop. Mango vape juice has a sweet and refreshing flavour which is perfect for getting a taste of summer. Those looking for an adventurous fruity flavour with a satisfying throat hit need to look no further than mango e-liquid at SmokShop. Mango vape juice is delicious on its own but can also be mixed with other exotic fruit e-liquids, like pineapple and passionfruit, to create the ultimate tropical taste sensation.

Explore a wide of flavours at SmokShop

The fruity flavours listed above are ideal if you are looking to update your vape juice collection to contain more exotic and juicy tastes. As well as fruit flavours, SmokShop is home to a wide range of unique and delicious tastes. Browse our menthol and mint collection for a refreshing vape, or shop the tobacco selection for more classic tastes. For more unique flavours, why not browse the latest desserts and creams, sweets and treats or drinks-flavoured vape collections?

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