20 Best Strawberry E Liquid Flavours

20 Best Strawberry E Liquid Flavours

Strawberry e liquids

Strawberry flavoured e liquids were some of the first to enter the world of vaping, and have been around almost as long as vaping itself. There is something about the sweet, fresh taste of strawberries that make a great flavour for e liquid. There are so many to choose from it can be daunting, so we’ve compiled this list to find the ultimate best strawberry flavour you’ll find, anywhere.

Please note, this is a completely impartial study to find the genuine best strawberry flavoured e liquid on the market. We sell all of these flavours in our store in Norwich, but don’t currently have them all available on our website. If you feel we have left any off this list feel free to let us know.

20) Propaganda: Illuminati – 4/10

Illuminati is a sweet blood orange, pineapple and strawberry flavour and is a thick juice. It has a great vapour production and a smooth throat hit. The strawberry in this is very subtle and dominated by the pineapple. The blood orange comes through as the aftertaste which unfortunately leaves very little room for the strawberry to shine. It’s a nice all-round vape, but this is more pineapple than anything else so gets a low rating in our ‘strawberry’ list.

19) Cosmic Fog: Nutz – 5/10

Nutz is a sweet strawberry preserve, with ground almond butter and whipped honey cream. It’s more of a ‘jam’ flavoured strawberry than a fresh strawberry and has almond and honey cream added to the mix. Cosmic Fog are a premium e liquid at a 50/50 mix, with a good throat hit and vapour production. You can really taste the strawberry on the inhale but it dissipates on the exhale. The strawberry isn’t as full flavoured as it could be, and we were quite disappointed with the overall oomph of the vape. Not bad but kind of average.

18) Chaper XII: Fitzgerald 5/10

Fitzgerald is a strawberry and sparkling lime soda flavoured e liquid. It has a great vapour production and a sweet flavour. The citrus of the lime comes through and the strawberry is there, but lost in the mix of other flavours. This is a nice stand-alone vape, and would have been given a higher rating had the strawberries been more prominent.

17) GQ Vape: High Roller – 5/10

High Roller is a pineapple, strawberry and peach flavour. The strawberry is more of an overtone to this and the main flavours are the pineapple and peach. It’s a fruity mix with a nice taste, but not one of the best when it comes to strawberry vapes, and very much middle of the road.

16) Nictel Strawberry E-Liquid 6/10 (buy now)

Nictel are another UK e liquid manufacturer. Their e liquids are on the cheaper end of the market and they’ve been for a while. Not all cheap e liquids taste cheap, and you can taste the strawberries in this, but it’s not as full and rich as other juices you’ll find. It’s got a good throat hit, and is great for a cheap liquid.

15) Nova Wild Strawberry E-Liquid 6/10 (buy now)

Nova’s strawberry offering is Wild Strawberry. It’s a good all round e liquid but the taste isn’t as strong as it could be, and the strawberry isn’t a full bodied flavour. Nova offer natural ingredients and the taste isn’t as bad as some we’ve tried. We would say this juice by Nova is worth a try and worthy of a 6/10.

14) Timebomb Vapors: Fuse – 6/10

Fuse is a strawberry and watermelon flavoured e liquid. It’s got a good throat hit and vapour production. The strawberry and watermelon comes through very nicely. The strawberry flavour is fresh and faithful to real strawberries, and the watermelon comes through on the exhale. This isn’t a sweet vape by any means and remains true to the real taste of the fruit. It might not be to everyone’s taste, as it’s almost a sour vape, but it’s not a bad offering.

13) BoOom Juice Strawberry Delight – 6/10 (buy now)

BoOom are a company known for high quality e liquids and we were interested to try their Strawberry Delight. It has a great vapour production as you’d expect from BoOom. The flavour is more subtle and has a creamy strawberry taste. It’s more reminiscent of strawberry ice cream rather than pure strawberries, and has a smooth creamy texture. It’s a nice vape but not as impressive as their custard range.

12) Hangsen – Strawberry 6/10 (buy now)

Hangsen offer cheaper e liquids and seem to have been around for ages. Their strawberry flavour is a mild strawberry. It’s more of an essence of strawberry than a full bodied strawberry. It’s not a bad vape and has an almost floral aftertaste, but not one of the strongest strawberry flavours you’ll find.

11) The Schwartz: The Upside – 6/10

This e liquid is a yogurt based vape and similar to a Yakult drink. You can taste the yogurt and the strawberry, which is a pleasant taste and not too overpowering. The strawberry could be stronger in this and seems to get a little lost in the yogurt blend. But overall this is a pleasant flavour, if not very memorable.

10) Mrs B’s Strawberry Jam – 7/10 (buy now)

Mrs B are a British e liquid company with quirky British flavours. Their strawberry jam has a great throat hit and a good amount of vapour production. It’s a 50/50 mix so gives a nice balance to your vape.  It’s a strawberry jam flavour, so very sweet on the strawberry. It has a moreish feel to it and is full of rich, full-bodied flavour. Being a ‘preserve’ type of strawberry it is more on the dessert side of e liquids, and not a ‘fresh’ strawberry taste. But all in all it’s very nice indeed.

9) General’s Juices: The Deserter – 7/10 (buy now)

The Deserter is a sweet strawberry e-liquid that has a hint of cheese cake. It has an impressive vapour production and a definite taste of strawberries. The strawberry flavour isn’t as strong as we’d like, and the cheesecake comes through as a creamy/custardy texture. As strawberry juices go this isn’t the best, but is a nice all round vape. The strawberry offers a nice taste but could do with being more prominent.

8) ANML: Carnage – 7/10

The Carnage flavour by ANML has a strawberry twist with a hint of liquorice. It’s a smooth, pleasant flavour and a distinct taste of Strawberry Red Vines or Twizzlers. It’s not a fresh strawberry flavour and is sweeter, more like candy. But it’s a nice vape and worth giving a try.

7) Penguin: Mumble – 7/10

Mumble is a strawberry cream puff flavoured e liquid. It has great vapour production and a smooth throat hit. The strawberry flavour is creamy and the puff rice comes through and blends nicely. It’s a sweet vape and may even be too sweet for an all-day vape. But it’s a very enjoyable flavour.

6) Ruthless: Ez Duz It – 7/10

Ez Duz It is a mixture of strawberry and watermelon. It’s a great tasting vape which is full of flavour. It’s not got a huge vapour production but is rich in flavour. It has a real fruity taste and not artificial in any way.  It has a light strawberry undertone that is very faithful to the fruit, but the water melon comes through much stronger with this liquid. The mixtures blend well and this could be a great all-day vape. This would have been our favourite had the strawberry been just a little stronger. A nice vape though, but just a tad too weak on strawberry.

5) Space Jam: Galactica – 7/10

This vape is a strawberry and champagne flavour, for the vapers who like a bit of bubbly. It has a nice creamy strawberry flavour with an alcohol overtone on the exhale. It has great vaper production and a strong throat hit. The flavours come through well, with full bodied rich strawberries. Most wouldn’t class this as an all-day vape, but it’s worth a try if you like something a little different.  It’s not the best, but one of the better strawberry vapes.

4) Element Strawberry – 8/10 (buy now)

Element are a high-end brand of e liquid and very popular among vapers. Their strawberry flavour is among their traditional range. It has great vapour production and is full of flavour. The strawberries come through very nicely and has a sweet full bodied flavour. Highly recommended you give it a try.

3) Vampire Vape Strawberry – 9/10 (buy now)

Vampire Vape is an e liquid company from the UK. Their strawberry flavour is a very nice vape. It’s full of flavour and the strawberry comes through in abundance. This is one of the better straight strawberry flavours and not over sweetened. It is much cheaper than other brands and for this reason we are giving it a higher rating.

2) Clutch Vapors: Ace – 9/10

This juice by Clutch Vapors is called Ace, and is a strawberry and mango flavour. It has a very nice vapour production and a fruity flavour. The strawberry is the dominant flavour here with overtones of mango. This has a very fulsome flavour of strawberries and one of the best we’ve tried. It’s a smooth vape without a heavy throat hit, and if you are looking for fresh tasting strawberries then this is the vape for you.

1) Buckshot:  Double Tap – 9/10

Double Tap is a sweet dragon fruit and strawberry flavour. It’s got great vapour production as all Buckshot liquids have. The flavour is full bodied and you can really taste the strawberry. The dragon fruit is much more subtle and is over powered by the strawberry. It’s a sweet strawberry like candy strawberries more than fresh strawberries. It’s a really nice all round vape and one of the better offerings we’ve tasted. For sheer all round vaping and strength of flavour we have to say that Double Tap by Buckshot has been our favourite strawberry flavoured e liquid.

We Need Your Opinion

What’s your favourite strawberry e liquid?  We would love to know.

Strawberry is a difficult flavour to replicate and some e liquids have managed it better than others. We’re not sure if there’s been a definitive strawberry flavour yet, but Buckshot’s Double Tap comes pretty close.  This is all subjective of course and others might find they have a better idea of what should be on this list.

Feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions.

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