E-Liquid Classics: Banana Flavoured E-Liquids

E-Liquid Classics: Banana Flavoured E-Liquids

E-Liquid Classics: Banana Flavoured E-Liquids

Banana e-liquid is an interesting flavour and surprisingly one of the more popular e-liquids currently on the market. It ranks highly among other e-liquids in the same fruity category and remains a great seller here at SmokShop.

Banana e-liquids come in various bananaesque flavours – by that, we mean that there are different variations of banana flavours. For example, you have the classic banana taste, taken from the banana fruit and then you have what are known as ‘synthetic’ flavours. This is where e-liquid creators let loose and create all kinds of banana-infused e-liquid flavours. These range from candy to dessert flavours, such as banana ice-cream.

There are thousands of banana-flavoured e-liquids currently on the market, and while we can’t try them all, we can certainly tell you of the different variations used in the most popular banana flavours.

Why Do People Like Banana-Flavoured E-Liquid?

It’s all subjective when it comes to e-liquids. Some people enjoy the simpler e-liquid tastes, such as fruits, coffees, chocolates and tobaccos, whereas others dabble in crazier kinds, such as confectionary, desserts and even fish… it’s a strange world.

Pairing Banana E-Liquids

Many people enjoy mixing and matching different e-liquids to create an eccentric mix of their favourite flavours. Banana just so happens to be one of the best flavours to pair with others. If you’re unsure which flavours best match with banana, we’ve detailed our personal favourites below:

Banana + Coffee Mix

This combination is fairly popular among vapers. Banana and coffee naturally go well together, they’re used in ice cream, milkshakes and obviously to make unique coffee. The two flavours complement each other very well and the mix is especially popular among those who don’t their coffee too strong.

Banana + Strawberry Mix

A great mix for smoothies and fresh fruit cereal, and it works great as an e-liquid mix, too. Banana and strawberry is arguably the best fruit combination and offers a fresh, fruity taste. Definitely, an e-liquid to look out for if you’re keen on fruity mixes.

Banana + Cinnamon Mix

Commonly used in baking recipes, banana and cinnamon can be mixed to create a dessert flavoured e-liquid. It offers the banana flavour we all know and love with a hint of spice.

Banana + Chocolate Mix

Pancakes with banana and chocolate. If you’re a fan of this combination, then you may want to try mixing banana with chocolate flavours to create the ultimate sweet e-liquid. We recommend a dark chocolate e-liquid or milk chocolate to achieve that classic chocolate banana pancake mix.

Banana + Cream

Cream e-liquids almost seem as if they’ve been made to be combined with banana e-liquids. In fact, some banana flavoured e-liquids actually come combined with cream! Either way, if you’re looking for a classic e-liquid pairing, banana and cream is the way to go.

Banana + Caramel

Caramel e-liquids are among the most popular e-liquids on the market. Combining these with banana flavoured e-liquids is a no-brainer, they complement each other very well, offering a smoky, mellow flavour.

Banana Flavoured E-Liquids

Banana flavoured e-liquids remain one of the most popular e-liquid flavours on the market, and we can’t see them disappearing any time soon. Mixing banana e-liquids is becoming increasingly popular because of the variety of e-liquids currently on the market. SmokShop currently stock a wide variety of banana-flavoured e-liquids, and we’ve listed our bestsellers below:

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