5 Essential Battery Safety Tips for Your E-Cigarette

5 Essential Battery Safety Tips for Your E-Cigarette

5 Essential Battery Safety Tips for Your E-Cigarette

Vaping has been steadily growing in popularity for the last decade, with more people switching from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes than ever before. However, knowledge of battery safety can easily be ignored leading to battery problems or even avoidable accidents. We’ve all heard the horror stories of exploding batteries, and the media have a field day reporting on these type of stories. What people fail to mention is that these are usually home made, or very low quality batteries, and with any poorly made electrical device there is a risk of an accident.

Battery safety is essential when you use e-cigarettes, or any other electronic device for that matter. Correctly charging your e-cigarette and taking care of the battery will help you avoid any battery mishaps that could have otherwise been avoided. To enjoy vaping safely, read on to discover our essential battery safety tips. We hope you find this article useful!

Safety First: Correct Charging Equipment

One of the most important safety tips when charging an e-cigarette is to use the correct charging equipment. Most safety issues occur when people use the wrong charging equipment for their device, such as iPhone or iPad chargers. This is the highest cause for exploding batteries so you must remember to use the charger that was specially designed for your battery.

Never leave a charging battery unattended

This may seem like an obvious point but it is something people often forget to do. Leaving your battery connected to a charging point when it is fully charged can be dangerous as you run the risk of overheating your battery and causing a fire. You must ensure that you are present when your battery is charging so that you can monitor it. If your battery starts hissing, looks deformed, is melting, or gets hot then stop charging immediately and dispose of your battery properly as it is no longer safe to use.

Be Careful With Heat and Water

This is an obvious one but it worth repeating. Do not expose your battery to extreme heat or water as this can lead to serious battery damage. This means you should avoid storing your battery in hot places, such as the glove box of your car on a warm day or near a radiator. And, for obvious reasons, water and electricity simply do not mix. If your battery encounters water, do not use it and dispose of it safely at a local hazardous waste disposal facility.

Stay Safe With Maintenance

Maintenance is something that people often enjoy when it comes to e-cigarettes. Like shining your car, people enjoy maintaining their e-cigarettes so that they look good and work correctly. However, not many people know the importance of cleaning their battery but it is essential as it can often build up with dust and dirt, hindering its effectiveness as a battery. Be sure to thoroughly clean the terminals and battery contacts with tissue or alcohol wipes about once a week. Avoid over tightening when attached cartridges as this can damage the battery.

Safe Charging Whilst Abroad

There are so many things to think about when going abroad and another thing to add to your list is safe charging for your e-cigarette. Charging your e-cigarette abroad can often prove tricky, as mains voltages can vary from country to country and some places will experience power surges. We would recommend buying a two-pin plug adaptor, if possible, in the country you are visiting to help avoid any problems when charging your device.

We hope you have found these essential tips for battery safety useful. They are certainly a good place to start if you would like to enjoy vaping without any problems. When it comes to vaping, we believe that knowledge is power. There is a lot of technology and science behind e-cigarettes and, if you are a vaper or are keen to make vaping a part of your daily life, you owe it to yourself and to your own personal safety to understand how it all works.

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