Celebrities Who Vape – The Ultimate Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrities Who Vape – The Ultimate Celebrity Endorsement

We all love celebrities, some more than others, and celebrities have always led the way when it comes to fashion and lifestyle choices for us common folk. So, as a vaper I always smile when I see a celebrity vaping in public You rarely see celebs smoking cigarettes nowadays, and when you do it seems a bit trashy. But celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio and Katy Perry are doing their best to make vaping look, dare I say it, cool.

Leonardo is obviously the poster boy for vaping, as he’s rarely seen without his box mod, but I was surprised to see how many celebrity vapers there actually are.  So with that in mind I’ve added a run down of celebrity vapers, and I think you’ll be surprised as much as I was.

Gary Oldman

Who knew? The old school crazy guy, Gary Oldman’s a vaper. I don’t think we’re quite at the level where vaping makes you look tough. But I bet if Gary Oldman really tried, he could scare the life out of you while vaping on a H-Priv 220w with a Kanger Toptank Mini.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo will always go down as the first vaper at an Oscars ceremony. He’s always chasing clouds, no matter where he goes, and is probably done more for the vaping industry than all these other celebs combined. Hat’s off Leo, you’re the all-time top vaping celebrity.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry vaped an e cig and she liked it! She’s the clean-cut, Bubblegum celeb for teenie boppers here and in the states, but on the quiet this Dark Horse likes nothing more than firing some ohms on her favourite e juice. I bet she was vaping Last Friday Night, and the Friday before that!

Richard Hammond

The Hamster of Top Gear fame is a juice head as well as a petrol head. He’s kept it a bit quiet, but was spotted with a vaping pen in his top pocket while driving for the show. Keep it up Hammond, and one day we’d like to see a Top Gear equivalent for vape heads.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is always winning! Well, he’s not, and we won’t mention the HIV, but he’s always been an avid vaper and even owns his own line. It’s called NicoSheen!

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson, the ultimate Hollywood bad boy, famed for having a cigarette hanging from his lips, is now a fully paid up member of the vaping society! He has a penchant for cig-a-like e cigarettes (of course), and can nowadays be seen hanging out at basketball matches vaping like a movie star of old.

Katherine Heigl

She’s the darling of the chick flick, but who’d have guessed it, she’s a vaper. She was seen on David Letterman in 2010 raving about how e cigarettes helped her quit smoking. If that isn’t a celebrity endorsement, I don’t know what is!

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp’s had a bit of a rough time lately with his estranged wife. I bet when he sits at home, contemplating where it all went wrong, he pours himself a large Jack and Coke and pulls out his favourite box mod. He’ll probably fill his tank with a nice rum flavoured juice and vape until the early hours of the morning. Oh to be rich and famous, eh?

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars kisses himself he’s so pretty. And if the rumours are true, when he’s Uptown Funking he always has his favourite vape box close at hand. I’d like to see the fireman try to put out that fire!

John Cusack

John Cusack, the think man’s Mel Gibson. He’s a strange egg, with a colourful life, but apparently he’s a vaper. He’s famous for calling Hollywood a whorehouse, where people go mad. But he’s a vaper, and that’s all right by me.

Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen’s an old school rock star from the 70s and 80s. He must have seen and done some things in his time, but now (so I hear) he sits back on an old worn, leather arm chair and vapes on his favourite e juice. The only time he Jumps lately is when he gets a dry hit on his mod.

Samuel L. Jackson

There’s no one cooler in Hollywood, or indeed the world than Samuel L Jackson, and he’s gone to 11 on the coolness scale since he was spotted vaping. Being Samuel L he doesn’t just vape on a Kanger Evod, he’s got some crazy custom made, gold plated set up that probably cost him more than your house. But hey, he’s Samuel L Jackson, so he’s allowed.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is the master of reinventing himself for film roles. He’s got more accents than Tom Middleton has underpants and he’s one of the greatest British actors of our generation. And guess what? He’s a vaper.

Dennis Quaid

You don’t see much of Dennis Quaid nowadays, but he was quite a big noise in the 80s with films like Innerspace and Enemy Mine. But he’s still around, and (apparently) still working, but more importantly, he’s a vaper now too.

Jessica Alba

If you’re male and you think of Jessica Alba, then the phrase ‘mhhhpff!’ will mean something to you. If you’re female you’ll probably appreciate her style, business sense and acting ability. But more than that, if you’re a vaper you’ll appreciate the fact that she’s in the same club as you as she can frequently be seen taking a stroll, vaping on an e cig.

Paris Hilton

Love her or hate her, Paris Hilton is rarely out of the limelight. She a multi-millionairess, with a string of ex boyfriends and a fleet of luxury yachts. Oh, and she vapes a bit too.

Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher is probably more famous for being the wife of Ali G than she is for acting, but she has been in quite a few films believe it or not. And when she wants to get away from her crazy husband’s antics, what does she do? She fires up a 220w box mod and blows clouds bigger than a Jumbo 747. Allegedly.

Sienna Miller

Sienna Millar is a sexy, British siren who’s part of the cool crowd of British actors. She likes a party, and she likes a drink, she likes vaping e cigarettes at award ceremonies. Golden Globe anyone?

Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters. The epitome of a cool, crazy rock guru. He’s now a fully paid up member of vapers anonymous. Except he’ll never be able to vape anonymously with all those groupies hanging round him.

Jack Black

We’ve had celebs from most walks of celebrity life so far, but Jack Black is the first comedian we’ve seen chasing clouds. Well done Jack, stay Black!

Aiden Turner

Poldark on the BBC might not be in the same league as some of the celebs we’ve seen on this list. But Aiden Turner is a heartthrob to a million UK housewives, and what better way for him to spread the love than to be seen vaping on a sunny beach in Blighty.

Willie Nelson

There’s mountains younger than Willie Nelson, and we heard he cut his first record in stone. But there’s life in the old dog yet and it’s great to see him reaching out to new technology. Yes, Willie nelson is proud to be a vaper.

Kate Moss

She’s the model with a heart. Kate Moss has given us more car crash news stories than Lewis Hamilton, but she’s always on the cutting edge of coolness. So, now she’s been spotted vaping we can all sit back and know that we’re in with the in crowd.

Robert Pattinson

He’s a clean-cut British actor by day, and a Gothic vampire by night. My guess is his afternoons are spent reading lines and vaping an Innokin Disrupter.

I’m sure there’s plenty of other celebs who vape, such asTom Petty, or Chris Moyles, but wouldn’t it be great if some real pillars of the establishment vaped, such as the Queen, or our new prime minister Theresa May. Or what about Donald Trump? If you can think of any feel free to drop me a line. There’s plenty of celebs, but what about politicians, or sports people?

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