The Innokin Disrupter – A Beast of a Mod

The Innokin Disrupter – A Beast of a Mod

The Innokin Disrupter – A Beast of a Mod

Innokin Disrupter

If you know anything about the vaping community, when it comes to advanced vapers, the bigger the mod the better. We’ve all seen the images of vapers producing massive clouds and grinning from ear to it at the flavour they’ve just tasted.

Well for newcomers it can be confusing when they hear talk of ohms, sub ohms, volts and watts etc, and it can be hard to reproduce that kind of vape with just a standard kit. Well luckily for them we have the Innokin Disrupter on our website, and this beast will get you vaping like a pro in no time.

What Is It?

One of the biggest things that stand out on the Innokin Disrupter is the battery. It uses an InnokinCell battery, which according to Innokin has been engineered purely with vaping in mind. These batteries are meant to be superior to standard batteries with 30% more charge and discharge than an 18650 battery. It’s an innovation that allows for a 300 charge cycle lifetime and at 50w it maintains a continuous 20A output. This is a serious piece of kit, and you won’t find it in any of the new vaping starter kits. It’s one for the vaper who likes some serious power in his/her kit.

The InnokinCell also has a built in smart-PCB, which has advanced features such as – overcharging protection, overheating protection, short circuit protection and auto-shut off. It’s charged with a standard Micro USB cable and you can vape it even while it’s charging.

The mod itself is packed with features, which include variable voltage and wattage.  It has an operating voltage of 3.0v-7.5v and an operating wattage of 6.0w – 50w, with a minimum resistance at 0.2 ohm.

If you add a high quality tank to this mod, such as the Kanger Top Tank Mini, then you’ll have a set up that’ll hold its own against any advanced vaping setup.

Advantages of the Innokin Disrupter

The advantages of owning this beast is the sheer power it kicks out, and the versatility of range between volts and watts it can offer. The battery lasts longer than most and the fact you can vape and charge, as well as charge the battery separately means you should never have to worry about flat batteries again.

It’s extremely well made and will stand up to most amounts of abuse, and with the right tank can kick out a hell of a cloud. Also one of the biggest advantages is price. At only £29.99 you’ll get a lot of use out of this mod before you even think about changing. It feels like it’s built to last and for that sort of money you’re getting a real bargain.

Disadvantages of the Innokin Disrupter

One one of the main disadvantages is the sheer size and weight of it. This is not the kind of set up you can slip discreetly in your pocket. It’s a serious vaping mod, packed with power and because of that, it’s quite big.  But apart from its size there is very little bad to say about this piece of kit and it’ll provided many months, or even years of excellent vaping.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your e cig to a more advanced setup, then the Innokin Disrupter makes for an excellent choice. We have it available for £29.99 and for that kind of investment you’ll be chasing clouds with the best of them.

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