OMG SmokTech Bust Out A 220W Mod! – SmokTech H-Priv 220W Mod

OMG SmokTech Bust Out A 220W Mod!

OMG SmokTech Bust Out A 220W Mod!

I’ve been a big fan of SmokTech ever since I saw their first device back in 2010. They’ve been pioneers in the e cigarette industry and brought us high end products that pushed the boundaries of vaping technology.  But now, in 2016 they may have gone too far. If you’re a fan of vaping power then you’ll be blown away by this latest beast. It’s called the H-Priv 220w Mod, and yes you read that correctly, it packs an awe inspiring 220w of power.

220w of awe inspiring power!!


And not only that. The H-Priv 220w Mod may just be SmokTech’s best looking device to date. It’s sleeky smooth and looks like something you’d find on the Starship Enterprise. It’s a variable wattage mod that dials up to 220 watts of power and kicks out 600℉ in TC (temperature control) mode. Most vapers aren’t too fussed about powering up their mods to something that equates to a small car, but there are many vapers out there who like nothing more than cranking up the volume on their vape. I thought 40w was powerful until I tried a 100w mod. 220w is just pure madness, but there is a method behind it.

H Priv 220w

The mod itself is packed full of features and comes with 16 pre-set options to cater for multiple tank and build setups. It contains options to pre-set the power or the temperature settings, so you can easily switch modes when changing tanks or atomizers. It uses 2 x 18650 batteries and can fire as low as 0.06ohm in TC mode and 0.1ohm in VW mode. The side-panel activator on the H-Priv replaces the traditional power button allowing for a more natural feel in your hand while still being able to vape with ease.

Considering the power behind it the H-Priv 220w is actually quite small. It’s smooth and comfortable to hold, and doesn’t feel like some of the chunkier box mods out there.

With so many options, and so much power in your hands, it’s hard to believe the H-Priv 220w is under £60. This is a piece of kit that’ll keep you busy, easily for the rest of the year. If, like me you don’t want to enter the realms of 220w vaping, that’s fine. You can take it down to whatever level suits your style of vaping the best. It’s got so many options and pre-sets that pretty much anyone can find their sweet spot.

I’ve tried a lot of mods in my time, and I’m a big fan of the Innokin Disrupter. I usually vape around 8w, but it’s nice to know there’s more in the tank if I need it. 220w, in reality is way too much for me, but the look and feel of the Smoktech H-Priv 220w Mod has me more than impressed, and I might just adopt it as my new ‘every day’ vaping device.

At £59.99 it’s a bit of an investment, but it’s robust and packed full of so many options I can’t see you’ll ever need another mod again.

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