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Ultrasonic Cleaners for Vaping

Ultrasonic Cleaners for Vaping

We all know that cleaning your vape tank is an important aspect of vape maintenance. There are several methods you can use, but to clean even the fiddliest and most inaccessible parts of your device, ultrasonic cleaners are an excellent choice. Here we’ll look at how they work, why it’s recommended, and how to choose the right ultrasonic cleaner for your device.

How ultrasonic cleaning technology works

It might sound strange to use sound waves to combat dirt, but that’s exactly the principle behind ultrasonic cleaners. Ultrasonic simply means a frequency so high that it cannot be detected by humans, and the frequencies used by most of the cleaners range between 25khz and 400khz. To put this in perspective, humans with good hearing may hear sounds with frequencies up to 20khz.

To clean a vape tank, an ultrasonic cleaner is filled with normal soapy water. The ultrasonic waves move in the fluid at high speed to create tiny, microscopic bubbles, producing an effective and thorough ‘scrubbing’ effect that will remove dirt and contaminants efficiently. Because the ultrasonic cleaning effect can penetrate even the smallest of spaces, it’s the method of choice for a number of industries (although it’s important to note that it will not sterilise your equipment), and it’s no surprise that the vaping community has embraced them to keep their kit clean and hygienic.

Which type of ultrasonic cleaner should vapers choose?

The cleaners are available in different frequencies to suit the object you are cleaning. But it’s not quite as simple as “higher frequency = better cleaning”. Instead, the different frequencies have different properties that are suitable for different types of equipment:

  • Low-frequency (operating at a typical frequency of 25khz): Produce fewer bubbles, and the bubbles they do produce are larger. They are best for cleaning large items like car parts, so they’re unsuitable for vapers.
  • Mid-frequency (around 40khz): Are the most common type available on the market. They produce a more evenly-distributed cleaning effect and are the best choice for maintaining your vaping equipment.
  • High-frequency (80khz): Produce a larger number of smaller bubbles. They clean gently and are great at getting to grips with hard-to-reach areas.

When you’re browsing for an ultrasonic cleaner, you might notice special cleaning solutions to use with them. These aren’t really necessary for vape maintenance – soapy water is just as good.

How to use your ultrasonic cleaner

  • Always use the basket! Ultrasonic cleaners come with an inner basket and shouldn’t be used without it – otherwise all those small parts in your atomizer like tiny screws, can get inside the cleaning machine and cause damage.
  • You can use your cleaner for things other than your vape device, but avoid putting any precious stones in there: diamonds, pearls and other gemstones can all be damaged by the ultrasonic action of a 40khz cleaner.
  • Never use flammable liquid inside an ultrasonic cleaner – it’s extremely dangerous and could cause a fire or an explosion.

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