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Vape Tank Maintenance Tips

Vape Tank Maintenance Tips

If you want your vaping device to last, you’ll need to master some basic vape tank maintenance. Here we’ll explain why it’s so important to take care of your tank, what you need to do, and how to fix some common issues experienced by many vapers.

Cleaning your vape tank

Your vape tank is the part that holds the e-liquid, so as you might expect, it will need cleaning between refills. That’s especially important if you change flavours frequently – or you might end up with a hint of aniseed or rice pudding in your strawberry lemonade! Without regular cleaning, your vape tank is likely to end up caked with gunk, so the few minutes it takes is well worth the effort.

Cleaning your vape tank is a simple matter of rinsing it with tap water every week or so, with a more thorough deep clean using alcohol about once a month. Here’s how to do it:

  • Carefully detach your vape tank from your mod and take it apart, emptying out any leftover e-liquid.
  • Put all the components into a bowl of warm water, give them a quick wash (use a squirt of washing-up liquid if necessary) and then dry with a paper towel. It’s best to let everything air dry completely before putting it all back together.
  • To clean with alcohol, use a high-alcohol solution – vodka works surprisingly well if you don’t have any isopropyl alcohol. After taking the tank apart, rub it with alcohol using a soft cloth, before rinsing with water, wiping with kitchen paper and leaving to dry.

Consider purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner (using high-frequency sound waves, these are able to clean inside even the tiniest of holes and cracks).

By putting in the effort to clean your vape tank regularly, you’ll find you get a better hit of flavour, avoiding that tell-tale ‘burnt’ taste – and your tank will stay as good as new for longer.

If you find it’s really inconvenient to have your tank out of action for cleaning, it might be worth investing in a second tank, so that you always have one available for use.

Troubleshooting common issues

You’d be surprised at just how many vapers have experienced these common vape tank problems – but the good news is, they’re easily fixed.

  • Vape tank is leaking. It’s likely that there’s a break in the airtight vacuum somewhere, which is letting e-liquid leak out of the tank. Take your tank apart and check for cracks or damage. Check the coil head and the sealing ring that connects the tank as the 0-ring may be broken. If there’s no sign of any damage to the tank, try replacing the coil.

    It’s worth noting that if you usually vape strong citrus or menthol flavours, regular tanks may be susceptible to cracking. So for these e-liquids, we recommend a pyrex or glass tank, known as a glassomizer.

    Keeping your tank in excessively high or low temperatures may also cause damage and leakage. We advise all our customers to keep vape devices in a safe place, such as this handy carry case.

  • The tank isn’t firing. If you’re using the correct coil resistance and can’t get your tank to fire up, it’s probably down to an interruption in the circuit somewhere. In the first instance, try replacing the coil.

    If you still can’t fire up your tank, there may be a problem with the centre pin that’s stopping it making contact and breaking the circuit. This may be caused by over-tightening the components, so this is something to avoid if at all possible. It’s worth trying to adjust the pin to help it to connect again – if this doesn’t work you may need to replace your tank. Check out our range of tanks and atomizers online.

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