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Tips for vaping while travelling

Tips for vaping while travelling

Whether it’s a quick weekend break away or a gap year around the world, get prepared for your trip with our guide to vaping while travelling.

Research vaping laws abroad

If you’re travelling abroad, check the vaping laws in your destination country. Some places are decidedly less vape-friendly than others and countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Brazil have completely banned the use of e-cigarettes. In the USA, restrictions are in place in some states but not others, so check before you travel. Other countries ban vaping with nicotine, but nicotine-free e-liquid often isn’t prohibited.

If your chosen destination doesn’t appear to have banned the use of e-cigarettes, there may still be some restrictions. Before you travel, research in which locations or situations vaping is acceptable or not acceptable: on the street, in a restaurant or on the beach?

Man vaping at a train station 

Stay on the right side of the law, or it could be a memorable holiday for all the wrong reasons.

Travel light

If you’re a keen vaper you probably have a considerable amount of kit at home. When you’re travelling, stick to the essentials. As well as taking up less room in your luggage, a simple vape pen is less likely to spark security concerns than a plethora of advanced vaping gear including coils and mods.

Vape surrounded by e-liquid bottles

Depending on where you’re headed, you might, however, want to bring a stockpile of e-liquid for the duration of your trip. Outside the EU, e-juice isn’t always manufactured to the same high standards, or in accordance with TPD regulations.

Get through airport security

You’ll need to know the rules about taking vaping equipment on a plane.

 Take care to abide by airport security in your chosen airports:

  • E-liquid usually comes in a small enough container to be allowed in your hand luggage (less than 100ml), but you’ll probably need to keep it in a clear plastic bag and be prepared to show it for inspection. Just check before you go that it’s allowed in your destination airport and on your chosen airline. No matter the size, e-liquid is banned in some countries (such as Hong Kong) and on some airlines (such as FlyBe – due to the toxic warning label).
  • Mods, atomizers, batteries and other vaping equipment can only be taken in your hand luggage, not put in the hold.
  • Don’t vape on the plane! Not only is this simple courtesy to your fellow passengers, there could also be severe penalties for anyone caught doing so.
  • Avoid charging your device on the plane. This could be dangerous and pose a fire hazard.

Keep your kit safe

Going somewhere hot? Extreme temperature conditions could compromise the safety of your equipment as the heat brings a risk of the battery overheating or even exploding. If you don’t keep it carefully cushioned, your e-cigarette could also crack or leak. Read our temperature-sensitive vape storage tips and protect your device by travelling with a specially designed travel case.

Respect others

Wherever you are, it is of course important to act with consideration, wherever you go:

  • Avoid vaping in confined spaces, such as trains or taxis
  • Abide by the law at all times

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