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How and why you should adjust your vaping habits throughout the year

How and why you should adjust your vaping habits throughout the year

As summer approaches, we can look forward to all sorts of seasonal changes. But have you ever considered how your vaping habits might also change with the seasons?

Temperature-sensitive storage

You never quite know what to expect from a British summer. If it’s a hot one this year, it’s important to keep your vaping kit protected from the heat. E-liquid breaks down when exposed to excessively hot temperatures, which certainly leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth.

Always store your vape kit and batteries in a cool, dry place. In particular, don’t leave them in your car on a hot day, as this could affect your battery life and functionality. Take care of your kit when you travel, and avoid leaving it for long periods on beaches or by pools, where sand and water could cause damage.

In the winter months, the cold can also affect your vaping experience, so avoid exposing your kit and e-liquid to sub-zero temperatures. While snow and ice aren’t ‘wet’ like rain is, the moisture they produce is still capable of harming your device and your batteries.

If too cold, your e-liquid may thicken up, making it harder to vape. The cold weather can also overwork your battery which will eventually lead to weaker performance and decreased battery life. Always store your device away from low temperatures – your lithium battery will thank you for it!

Seasonal vaping techniques

In extreme weather, it’s worth bearing in mind some simple changes that you can make, to get the most out of your vaping experience. By adjusting your vaping technique to suit different weather conditions, you can stay safer and be more comfortable.

In cold weather, it isn’t much fun to be banished outside to vape. When you’re wearing gloves, it’s much harder to adjust the settings on your device, or even to press the fire button! If you can vape indoors, this will be more comfortable for you – but do make sure you are permitted to vape in your chosen surroundings.

Another winter vaping tip is to use e-liquid with a higher PG content, which is more stable in colder temperatures (VG tends to crystallise in the cold). And – in seriously sub-zero temperatures – avoid using metal mouthpieces, as the cold can cause them to stick to your lips.

Summer vaping is much easier, as you’ll naturally spend more time outside. You might want to stick to e-juices with a higher VG content, which is a better choice for really hot temperatures. If you’re travelling abroad, be sure to check the law in your destination country, before you fire up your mod.

Flavours for every occasion

One of the most noticeable changes as the seasons change is the type of food we eat. So, to beckon summer along, why not try a new e-liquid flavour? Summer is the perfect time to enjoy ice cream, fruity cocktail, pink lemonade and strawberries and cream e-liquid flavours.

It’s a while away yet but when autumn comes around, you might opt for ginger or pumpkin flavours, while apple crumble and cinnamon are quintessential winter treats.

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