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The Effects of Vaping While Pregnant

The Effects of Vaping While Pregnant

If you’re a vaper and pregnant (or hoping to be soon) then it’s fully understandable for you to be wondering about the effects of vaping while pregnant. Naturally, in the non-vaping world there is going to be a negative stigma attached to vaping while pregnant, considering its commonly accepted that smoking  harms unborn children and causes other health issues .

Vaping, however, is now becoming more popular amongst previously harsh critics, as more information and evidence is released daily in favour of vaping’s health benefits in contrast to smoking.  Vaping’s healthier reputation has persuaded expectant mothers to consider switching, but with this consideration goes many questions about exactly how much safer it is.

This is a very sensitive but relevant topic and one that needs to be addressed, as many people are still unsure of the effects of vaping generally. This article aims to shed light on the effects of vaping while pregnant and address similar topics surrounding health and pregnancy.

Is it safe to vape while pregnant?

This, unfortunately is a question that no one can fully answer.  Vaping simply hasn’t existed long enough for scientists and researchers to give definitive answers on how safe it is. Of course, vaping allows you the option of  zero nicotine, which  eliminates tobacco’s most addictive component. However, despite this obvious benefit, we cannot conclusively  state that vaping is a ‘healthy’ activity to partake in while pregnant with the available  research.


However, despite the research being somewhat inconclusive, a group named Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group have designed and written a leaflet addressing this exact topic. The leaflet details the concerns and queries surrounding vaping while pregnant. The leaflet reports on a few statistics regarding women smoking during pregnancy,  claiming over 26% of women admitted to smoking at some stage during their pregnancy. Considering the health concerns of smoking while pregnant, 26% is a high percentage, so it’s no surprise that women are looking for alternatives to smoking.

Although the leaflet was primarily written for midwives and other healthcare professionals, it’s definitely worth reading if you’re interested. 

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Vaping Vs Smoking

From the evidence and research available, vaping could be claimed as the ‘lesser of two evils’ when it comes to pregnancy. While it is advised to avoid both, vaping appears to harbour less health concerns. An important point  raised in the leaflet was that even if vaping was helping a woman to refrain from smoking, it’s still dubious to switch to vaping while pregnant.

One popular alternative is nicotine replacement therapy, with many healthcare professionals claiming it is the most  effective and healthiest way to quit smoking. However, some studies are suggesting that this method is very similar to just giving up smoking altogether.

Vaping Around Pregnant Women?

It’s also important to note that if you often find yourself surrounded by people vaping, evidence suggests that second-hand vaping poses no known risks to second-hand users. So, if you’re concerned about the risks of inhaling second-hand vape smoke this is good news. Studies have revealed that the smoke from an e-cigarette evaporates so quickly that it doesn’t pose a threat to bystanders. If you are still concerned or wary about second-hand vape smoke then its probably still best to avoid people vaping in a confined space.

Hopefully this article has shed some light on the effects of vaping while pregnant. This article was not written to promote vaping while pregnant, more to highlight some of the concerns surrounding such a sensitive topic.

If you’d like more information or have any questions regarding vaping safety, we have an article on vape safety that might be of interest. Do let us know in the comments below about your vaping experiences!

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