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The 7 Coolest E-Cigarette Designs of 2017

The 7 Coolest E-Cigarette Designs of 2017

The e-cigarette industry is one that is constantly evolving. Every day, we see more weird and wonderful products released from their respective companies, opening up new avenues for the vape community.  

Already, 2017 has introduced some wacky topics into the vaping world, just take a look at my Worst E-Juice Flavours article if you don’t believe me.   Recently, however, I’ve found an even stranger mix of e-cigarette products, some of which I can’t quite get my head around…  Anyway, let’s crack on with 7 of the weirdest e-cigarette products I’ve come across during this turbulent year!    

7. The Vape Hoodie 

Yes, seriously, this is actually a thing. Company Vaprware have unleashed into the world, a hoodie that literally becomes a wearable e-cigarette. To be fair, it’s quite a quirky and innovative piece of kit. Utilising the draw string and making it into a makeshift vape pen might seem crazy, but it works! The drawstring goes through the hood and is the tube for the e-cigarette, with one end acting as the mouthpiece – that tucks into the hoodie material – and the other end being the vape pen itself. It’s a pretty well-designed piece of kit, both ends are concealed very well and all you need to do is take out the mouth piece end and enjoy!   At the price of £20 it might be worth giving this a go, even just for a few likes on social media.    

6. Steampunk E-Cigarette Costume  

This rogue man decided to craft his own personal vape backpack in the popular steampunk style, getting quite the repour at the VapeBash 3 event. This contraption is able to produce a fair amount of cloud vapour, all while looking exceptionally awesome. For the people that claim all e-cigarettes look the same, well, here’s a glaring example that they don’t!    

5. The Terminator 

Who doesn’t want to vape out of the skull of the Terminator? The only immediate downside of this otherwise incredible e-cigarette is that it isn’t the most practical. Its shape and size is something to behold and won’t be the easiest to fit in your pocket, or even your bag. Definitely one to have a look at, though. Practicality-wise probably best to give this one a miss.    

4. The Gun Mod 

Slightly more on the concerning side, there is in fact, a vape pen that resembles a gun. Unfortunately, I found this on Pinterest, with no link. So, as far as I know this does exist, though the specifications and mod details cannot be found. Either way, someone has gone to the effort to design a vape-gun and you have to admit, the smoke emanating from the end of the gun would be a pretty cool picture.    


Element Vapors are the creators of this wacky e-cigarette and it’s quite the eye-opener. While it does adopt a familiar battery box design, what makes it slightly quirky is that you can see its insides! All the tech that makes your e-cigarette function can be seen through a transparent case (coming in various colours). It’s not just a showboat, however, as it also records puffs, minutes spent vaping, flavours used, nicotine strengths, ohms and watts!     

2. M5 E-Pipe 

This is my favourite by far, it’s an e-cigarette pipe! I mean, how sophisticated can you get? It was launched during an event at Vapetoberfest 2013 in Long Beach, California. The M5 E-Pipe was designed by LA-based Mythical Fabrications, who specialise in making e-pipes out of various materials, ranging from wood to stone. There’s even a metal version that comes with a fitted top-cap and uses eight Neodymium magnets, though, these are currently sold out.   Seriously, though, check these out, they look amazing.    

1. The Hammer Mod by Kato 

Okay, now this looks epic, as if it was crafted by the Norse Gods themselves. The Hammer mod was created by a modder who is simply known as Kato, who currently resides in South Korea. The mod itself is thought to resemble the Norse God Thor’s mighty Mjolnir, while others have dismissed such claims as the carvings on the mod resemble Celtic scripture. However, Kato himself stated that the mod was supposed to represent a hammerhead shark. Whichever way you look at it, this is a mod that looks absolutely awesome, and I’d have it in my collection, no doubt about it.       

Were you impressed with my top 7 weirdest e-cigarette designs? I’d love to have all of them for my collection but they just keep escaping my grasp! Are there any other designs you’ve come across? If you’ve designed one, why not send us the specs and we might review it! Get in touch in the comments below, we read and reply to every single one!

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