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Worst E-Juice Flavours of 2017

Worst E-Juice Flavours of 2017

Today, it’s fair to say that vaping and e-cigarettes are growing in popularity and have been since their re-introduction circa 2012. The e-cigarette industry brings in a massive revenue of around £2 billion each year and this is only expected to rise. In fact, with the way this is going, you’ll be able to buy e-cigarettes from TopShop.

So, with all of this expansion comes wacky new e-cigarettes, mods, atomisers and e-liquids, with the latter sometimes going incredibly rogue… which leads me onto the topic of this article.

Due to the constant evolution of e-cigarettes, distributors are always hard at work trying to introduce something new and innovative to capture people’s attention. So, instead of releasing e-juices that are fairly safe in terms of flavour (strawberry, fruits, tobacco, etc) others have had the opposite idea…

I won’t spoil what I’ve found in the deep dark world of e-liquids but let’s just say there are some flavours on here that aren’t exactly the most appetising…

7. Nacho Cheese E Juice

Nacho cheese e juiceArguably one of the ‘nicer’ flavours, if you could believe it. People who have tried have claimed that it tastes like ‘burning’ or similar to that of a rotten vegetable. Others have simply claimed that the taste isn’t like cheese at all, but a just a general ‘food taste’ with no real direction, it simply tastes like ‘food’ which really doesn’t sound appetising.

6. Currywurst E Juice

Currywurst E JuicePeter, our tester for this liquid described it as ‘one of the most strangely satisfying, yet mildly concerning tastes ever’ for this reason alone, it made our list. Similar to the nacho cheese flavour, it also tasted like food, a whole meal in fact, like a hotdog but more poisonous. Peter rated this a confusing 6/10.

5. Butter E Juice

Butter e liquidAlice was our tester for butter, due to her love for the real thing. Upon trialling it, the smell and taste utterly repulsed her, claiming it tasted like sweat, ‘pure sweat.’ She did however state that it did actually taste like butter, but this was not a good thing. Alice hopes that this hasn’t forever damaged her love for butter.

4. Crab E Juice

Crab e liquidYes, the seafood that everyone loves (if you love seafood) has been made into an e-liquid. Sarah, a fond lover of seafood, opted to try this maverick e-liquid. Surprise, surprise, this was terrible as well. Sarah stated that it didn’t necessarily taste like crab, just a general fishiness, which isn’t great either. However, this was not as bad as she was expecting, considering her prior concerns. It’s not one of the worst on the list but it certainly isn’t one of the best.

3. Absinthe E Juice

Absinthe e liquidThe spirit to end all spirits, Absinthe is one of the strongest proof alcohols you can buy over the counter, so for someone to create an e-liquid tasting of this takes some real guts. Ryan claimed he was somewhat of a vape expert, and needs quite the hit to actually feel anything. So, we gave him this, and quite frankly, it blew him away. This is one of the strongest throat hits you will find on the market. Despite its initial punch to the throat, Ryan did claim it was actually ‘alright, especially with a dash of lemon.’

2. Roast E Juice

Roast dinner e liquidYes, someone has also made a roast vape, as in roast chicken, as in your Sunday roast. Don’t think you’ll get the same filling feeling once you’ve had a few hits of this however, as you’ll be left bitterly disappointed. Jake wasn’t overly convinced of this e-liquid, and instead opted to stick with his safe strawberry and kiwi flavour.

1. Pumpkin E Juice

Pumpkin e juiceYou’d think our number one spot would go to something horrendous, something so disgusting that you’d literally throw-up at the sight of it. But, no, this is not the case.

In fact, this e-liquid takes our top spot for the opposite, it’s bland, boring and tasteless. Considering pumpkin is a fairly rogue flavour concept, this insulted us the most. It’s not an offensive taste, because there’s nothing to taste, there’s nothing there, it’s actually heart-breaking.

What an anti-climax, then again, this list wasn’t supposed to fill you with joy, wonder or force you to buy any of these. If you’re looking for a more chilled out and inoffensive e-liquid experience, head over to our stock here, they’re far nicer. Are there any you’ve tried that would make this list?

Let me know in the comments below, I’d like to throw some more horrific flavours at my friends.

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