Introducing The Captain’s Reserve E Liquid

Introducing The Captain’s Reserve E Liquid

Introducing The Captain’s Reserve E Liquid

At SmokShop we work tirelessly to provide our customers with the best products available for their vaping pleasure. Recently I’ve been trawling the world for the absolute best e liquids to add to our inventory, and I’ve found one that I think you’re going to like.

It’s called: The Captain’s Reserve.

The Captain’s Reserve are a UK based e liquid manufacturer who specialise in hand-made premium e juices. Their mixologists have a background in gastronomy, and with some of the flavours they offer, we’re not surprised.   Their blends include a hardy 50/50 PG/VG, or for those that prefer a higher VG content, they have a Max VG option.

They’ve based their brand and marketing on the old English tradition of pirates (ahoy!). But this being the 21st century rather than the 17th, the Captain’s Reserve isn’t rum, it’s e liquid. With names like Polly’s Plunder and Traitor you can tell they’re having fun with their brand, but as with all juices, it’s not the packaging that counts, it’s the flavour.

We’ve been vaping The Captain’s Reserve since the day it arrived, and we’re delighted to have the best flavours available for you, right here on

Flavours by The Captain’s Reserve

The Captain’s Reserve are still a relatively new company, so their flavours are limited to just five at the moment, but if you like your fruit flavours then you’re in for a real ‘plundering’ treat!

The Captain’s Reserve: Cannon Fodder

The Captain's Reserve - Canon Fodder

Cannon Fodder is a full bodied fruit flavour which claims to sway men back from battle. It’s a complex blend of fruit flavours, combined with the Captain’s favourite thick and creamy cheesecake. If you like thick, creamy, fruit flavours, then Cannon Fodder has it by the spade.

The Captain’s Reserve: The Captain’s Custard

The Captain's Reserve - Custard

Custard flavoured e juices have been growing in popularity over the last year, and The Captain’s Reserve have added their own offering with the delightful Captain’s Custard. They claim this to be the jewel in their crown and it’s a recipe that’s been safeguarded and fought for across the seven seas. Well, I don’t know about that but it’s a hell of a great custard flavour.  It’s thick and creamy with a caramel twist and just a hint of banana. It makes for a lovely all day vape and fans of custard e liquid are going to love it.

The Captain’s Reserve: Polly’s Plunder

The Captain's Reserve - Polly's Plunder

I’ve seen a few dragon fruit flavours on my travels, and the subtle overtones of this wondrous food source make for a great e-juice. This latest offering by The Captain’s Reserve offers a creamy blend complete with tangerine and tropical berries. If Polly were alive today, I’m sure she would approve of Polly’s Plunder (pieces of eight!).

The Captain’s Reserve: Starboard

The Captain's Reserve - Starboard

If there’s one juice that truly conjures up the buccaneering spirit of the Caribbean, it’s Starboard. With its tropical fruits including mango, apple and kiwi topped off with a lime twist, it’ll have you dreaming of desert islands and the clear blue ocean. If Calico Jack were alive today, he’d be vaping Starboard (and that’s a stone cold fact).

The Captain’s Reserve: Traitor

The Captain's Reserve - Traitor

For those who like it sweet, The Captain’s Reserve have brought us the sweet taste of revenge with the wonderfully sticky Traitor. It’s a blend of fresh apples slowly cooked with maple syrup and teases a wicked delight on the taste buds. It’s a truly unique blend, and one I’m sure will get you climbing up the yardarm for more.

The Verdict

With the first five flavours plundered by The Captain’s Reserve, I’m expecting great things from them in the future.  I’ll keep a close eye on reserves and you can rest assured as new flavours hit the shelves, we’ll try them out, and add only the best to our website. So drop your anchor, sharpen your cutlass, and prefer for a rip roaring sail across the seas with the Captain’s Reserve.

Happy vaping!


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