The 12 Best Custard E-Liquid Flavours

The 12 Best Custard E Liquid Flavours – Ever

The 12 Best Custard E Liquid Flavours – Ever

Are you a fan of custard flavoured e liquid?

Custard flavoured juices have been doing the rounds for a few years now and it’s surprising how popular they are. Who’d have thought we’d be sitting around vaping custard in our e cigs? There’s something about the creamy texture and smooth flavour of custard that is irresistible to vapers across the world, and keep them coming back for more. We’ve picked 12 flavours to see how they compare, and to find out what is the ultimate best custard flavour on the market.

12 Khali: Valley Girl – 4/10

Valley Girl is a vanilla custard Boston cream pie infused with raspberries and caramel drizzle. This is more of a dessert flavoured e liquid and is full of sweetness. The caramel comes through as does the cream pie. It’s a creamy vape, very smooth and very sweet, but you can’t really taste the custard. We would rate this higher as a dessert flavoured e liquid, but the custard is missing so unfortunately we’ve had to give it a lower rating.

11 Kings Crown: Bound By The Crown – 5/10

Bound by the Crown is a dessert flavoured e liquid laced with custard. It’s a blend of stone fruits, custard and cinnamon. It’s full of flavour, has a great throat hit and the 70/30 mix gives it excellent vapour production. It’s a sweet vape with a hint of spice and the stone fruits blend nicely with the custard. This is a nice vape but as custard e liquids go, this is very much middle of the road.

10 T Juice: Colonel Custard – 6/10

Colonel Custard is a pure creamy custard e liquid. It’s an 80% PG mix, so heavy with a sharp throat hit. Being so high in PG it has a slightly bitter taste initially, but the custard flavour comes through quite nicely. It’s not the sweetest custard you’ll find on the market, and is more evident on the exhale. But it’s a straight up custard with a hint of treacle and a mule kick of a throat hit. Maybe the PG is a little too high on this, but it really depends on your preference. All in all, we liked it.

9 Colonel Booms Bang Bang:  Pearl Harbor – 6/10

Pearl Harbor is custard with coconut and a hint of caramel and pineapple. Some would say an odd mix of custard and coconut, but it works nicely as a dessert blend. You can taste the vanilla custard but it isn’t as evident as other e liquids. The strange mix of custard, coconut and pineapple actually work well together and this is certainly different to anything we’ve tried before. It’s a nice all round vape, but not the best custard flavour we’ve tried, so we’ve had to give it a 6.

8 Proper Vapor: Black Label – 6/10

Proper Vapor have a custard flavour called Black label. It’s a blend of tobacco enhanced with liquors, accompanied with a sweet, creamy custard. It’s high in VG so has great vapour production, and is a smooth vape with a light throat hit. We’re not too sure about the tobacco laced with custard as it doesn’t make the most of the vanilla, but all in all it’s a nice vape. It’s not the best but worth a try.

7 Kilo: Tru Blue – 7/10

True Blue by Kilo is a sweetened blueberry custard flavour. The custard is more in the background and offers a creamy flavour to the blend. The blueberry comes through as a sweet overtone. The two flavours blend well together, but this isn’t the strongest custard flavour we’ve tried. It’s a great flavour for vapers that are new to custard, or prefer their custard to be more subtle.

6 Chapter XII: Hemingway – 7/10

Chapter XII’s Hemingway is a strawberry and Bavarian cream infused with vanilla custard. It tastes similar to Mothers Milk and has a rich, full taste. It’s an excellent strawberry and cream flavour and definitely a premium e liquid. The custard comes through as an aftertaste and is not too pronounced, but mixed with the strawberry and cream this is a delicious vape. As a stand-alone e liquid it’s fantastic, but the custard isn’t too noticeable so it doesn’t get top marks from us in this ‘custard’ based rating.

5 Generals Juices: General Custard – 7/10

General Custard is a sweet, creamy vanilla custard. It has a great vapour production and a real creamy taste. It’s not a sweet custard, the flavour comes through more as an aftertaste. It’s a VG heavy blend so may vary on different setups. It has a hint of toffee and a nice all round flavour. It’s not the strongest custard e liquid out there, but has a fantastic blend of flavours. It almost has a toffee or treacle taste, which sits nicely with the custard. Definitely worth a try.

4 Mrs B: Mrs B’s Vanilla Custard – 8/10

Mrs B have a few custard flavours in their range, including rhubarb and custard, and crème brulee. Here we are looking at their vanilla custard as it’s labelled as a pure custard flavour. It does have hints of toffee and even a slight biscuit flavour, but the custard comes through more than anything else. It has a great vapour production and is a very smooth vape. There is nothing bad to say about this juice, it’s simply a pure vanilla custard and an excellent offering.

3 Space Jam: Starship 1 – 9/10

Space Jam have had a huge following since they started in Nov 2013, and are a popular brand in the e liquid world. Their custard flavour is called Starship 1 and is a vanilla custard laced with kiwi.  It has a great vapour production and is a nice, smooth vape. It has a light throat hit, is full of flavour and it’s a creamy vape that works well with the kiwi overtones. It’s one of the best custard/fruit blends out there and if you haven’t tried it, then you should!

2 Suicide Bunny: Mother’s Milk – 10/10

Mother’s Milk took the Internet by storm when it first hit the vaping world. It’s a strawberry and custard flavour and a revelation among custard vape fans. It’s got fantastic vapour production and the flavour is milky custard with a strawberry overtone. It’s more on the side of a crème brulee custard and has a delightful taste. Some would say this is the definitive custard vape, but other brands are working hard to match it. ‘Pip Bunny’ the mixologist at Suicide Bunny considers her blends to be an art, so she doesn’t divulge PG ratios etc, and with flavours like this who are we to argue? All in all Mother’s Milk is the flavour that all other custard vapes are compared to, and if you haven’t tried it yet, then what are you waiting for?

1 BoOom: Custard – 10/10

BoOom are the only serious competitor to Suicide Bunny that we’ve seen on this list, and have three custard flavours. Straight custard, banana custard and raspberry custard. All are excellent custard vapes, but to us the stand-out is their straight vanilla custard flavour. It’s a 70/30 blend with a great vapour production and the flavour is exceptional. Fans of custard flavoured e liquid are split between this and Mother’s Milk, and it really is hard to call between the two. It’s a sweet, creamy flavour and absolutely full of vanilla custard. If you like your custard vapes and you haven’t tried BoOom Custard yet, then you should get on over to our store and order some right now. This is quite simply a delectable custard vape.


There are lots of great custard flavoured e liquids on the market, but our verdict is split between two clear winners. Suicide Bunny’s Mothers Milk, and BoOom’s Custard. Both are fantastic e liquids and it’s been tough trying to split the two. If we really had to choose we would have to come down on the side of BoOom Custard. That may be sacrilege to Mother’s Milk fans, but it was a difficult decision to make and we highly recommend them both. But for our verdict the winner of our Custard E Liquid Challenge is:  BoOom – Custard

Of course all flavours and e liquids are subjective and our opinion isn’t any more valid than anyone else’s.  BoOom is our favourite, but what’s yours?  Are there any flavours we’ve missed?  Let us know in the box below.

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