17 Best E Liquid Flavours 2016 – 100s of E Juice Flavours Tested

Best E Liquid Flavours 2016 – 100s of E Juice Flavours Tested

Best E Liquid Flavours 2016 – 100s of E Juice Flavours Tested

Let’s face it, vaping isn’t easy. Well it is, but it isn’t, if you know what I mean. The hardest thing about vaping is the sheer amount of CHOICE we have. There are so many different e cig setups for example. There are different brands, different mods, tank sizes, output settings, temperature controls, coils, wicks, drippers etc. And that’s just to get you into a position where you can start vaping!

When you’ve settled on your perfect kit, the next task is to find which juice you’re going to use. When I first started vaping I switched over to from smoking cigarettes, so for me it made sense to start vaping a tobacco flavoured e liquid. But since then I’ve enjoyed lots of different flavours from strawberry, to menthol and at the moment I’m go through a sweet phase, so I’m working my way through all the sweet flavoured juices that are on offer.

I’ve tried a lot of flavours in my time, and so I’ve decided to write this post to give you the best e liquid flavours that I’ve found in 2016.

Now, before I begin I’d like to just say that ‘taste’, i.e. flavour, is highly subjective. Just because I like the taste of Kiwi for example, it doesn’t mean everyone does. So, although this is a list of the best e liquid flavours I’ve found in 2016, I should add that they’re the best flavours for me. Also, being from the UK my taste might be different to our European, Chinese, or American cousins. So, it’s impossible to say what is the overall ‘best’ flavour, only what is the best flavour for my delicate taste buds.

But having said that it’s always good to get opinions, and hopefully this list might throw up some juices you haven’t tried, and if you do try them, you might find they’re the best juices you’ve ever tasted. So feel free to thank me if you do happen to discover your best ever juice among this list.

The thing I love about vaping is it’s a community, and we can all help each other. After all it’s impossible to try every flavour out there, and in many respects we rely on each other for advice. So without further ado, here is my list of the best e juice flavours in 2016.

Suicide Bunny – Mother’s Milk

Suicide Bunny Mother's Milk

I know this is an older juice, circa 2014, but it still makes my list for best juices of 2016. If you haven’t tried Suicide Bunny’s Mother’s Milk yet, then you need to make 2016 the year that you do. I might be bias as I love strawberry vapes, and Mother’s Milk is a strawberry milkshake flavoured juice. It’s a premium e liquid of the highest order, and isn’t cheap at £16.99 for 30ml, but it’s worth if for the experience alone. It’s a rich, amber coloured liquid and it produces lovely thick clouds of vapour. It’s a flavour that really takes me back to my childhood of drinking powdered, strawberry milkshake. The cream is milky and the aftertaste is strawberry, but not like a real strawberry, like a delicious powdery strawberry you get from a powdered milkshake. It’s a lovely juice.

Wick Liquor – Carnival

Wick Carnival

Wick Liquor are a great brand and Carnival is an amazing glazed donut flavour. It produces nice, thick clouds and is a 80/20 VG blend. This juice has to be on a par with Mother’s Milk, but not for strawberry milkshake, for powdery, sugary glazed donuts. It’s extremely sweet and sugary. Again I might be bias as I love sweet vapes lately. There’s also a slight hint of raspberry jam going on which blends with the warm doughy donut flavour. This is the absolute best donut flavoured vape I’ve tasted, and one of my favourite vapes in 2016.

Halycon Haze – Earth Brother

Halycon Haze

As I mentioned in the into, I started out vaping tobacco flavoured e liquids. This year I tried Earth Brother by Halycon Haze, and it’s one of the best tobacco juices I’ve tried to date. It has a realy authentic tobacco taste and although it’s dry, it’s full of flavour. It’s a naturally steeped juice and right up with the very best tobacco flavours I’ve tasted. It has a great throat hit, and a little bit of spice on the exhale. It has a slight sweet, nutty twist, but very slight. If you’re a fan of tobacco flavoured juices then try this one out.

Hobo Joe’s Grime

Hobo Joe's Grime

Milkshake flavours have been big in 2016 and Hobo Joe’s Grime is right up there with the best. It’s a traditional creamy milkshake blend, maybe with a hint of strawberry, but the strawberry is subtle, and the juice tastes mainly like a vanilla milkshake. It produces nice clouds and we have them in monster sized 120ml bottles. It’s a juice that’s high in VG so is right at the top end for cloud production and flavour. It makes a great all day vape and if you haven’t tried a milkshake flavoured juice yet then Grime is an excellent example.

T-Juice Red Astaire

Red Astaire

We have Red Astaire available for £4.99 on a 10ml bottle, and it’s an exceptional vape that needs to be tried at least once. It’s red in colour, high in PG, and offers an amazing, rich flavour of berries. The combination reminds me of Ribena and it’s a nice fruity vape with slight undertones of menthol and aniseed, but very subtle. This is a great all day vape which is very high in PG. A lot of vapers nowadays prefer high VG juices, but for a high PG juice Red Astaire is very tasty indeed.

Vampire Vape Heisenberg


Heisenberg, Vampire Vape’s homage to Breaking Bad. It’s a blue juice, high in PG at a 60/40 mix. It offers an excellent throat hit, as you’d expect, but not so big in clouds. It has a unique flavour, as if it’s been knocked up in a camper van in the middle of the desert, but it’s a nice flavour although somewhat hard to describe. It has overtones of menthol, aniseed and eucalyptus and a strange synthetic taste with a real strong flavour. Heisenberg has proven a popular juice and it’s strangely addictive. If you want to try something different in 2016 then this is your juice.

Element Fresh Squeeze

Element Fresh Squeeze

I love Element as everything they do just screams quality. Fresh Squeeze is an orange flavoured e liquid with an 80/20 PG blend. If you’re only going to try one orange flavoured juice in your lifetime, then make it Element Fresh Squeeze, as this is the best out there. It has a prominent orange flavour, maybe with a hint of tangerine.  

Element Pink Lemonade

Element Pink Lemonade

Here’s another juice by Element that I felt is worth a mention. Pink Lemonade is a juice I’ve been vaping for quite a while as it’s so refreshing. It’s pink lemonade as the name suggests, but I also get a hint of grapefruit. It tingles with a tangy, citrus kick and it’s 80% VG so really full of flavour. I love Fresh Squeeze, but for me Pink Lemonade is the stand out juice in the Element range. For the summer, it offers a refreshing lemonade vibe lashed over with ice.

Wick Liquor Boulevard

Wick Boulevard

This is another juice that’s right up there in my favourite all time vapes. It’s an 80/20 VG blend so full of flavour, and the flavour is a real fruit kick. It has a multitude of berries and a lovely taste. I couldn’t pick all the berries out, as some days I get one type and another something else entirely. But I’ve definitely picked out strawberry, blackberry, blueberry and logan berries. It has a lovely flavour, and is a real top end citrus, berry vape.

Wick Liquor Contra

Wick Contra

This is another fruity juice from Wick, but this time a little more subtle. It has dense, thick clouds, and a berry flavour filled with citrus. It’s not as full on as Boulevard, but has a nice sweet berry flavour and offers a smooth combo of berry and citrus, creamy almost. Great for an all day vape.

ZAP! Vintage Cola

Zap! Vintage Cola

I’ve tried a lot of Cola flavours in my time, but ZAP! Vintage Cola has to be the best. It is exactly what it says on the bottle, a vintage cola flavour. It has a very authentic taste. It’s from a high end brand. It’s sweet, and from both the inhale and exhale it’s Cola through and through.

Generals Juices Lemon Sentry

Lemon Sentry

If you haven’t noticed yet, I love sweet vapes. I like dessert flavours and outside of vaping one of my favourite desserts is lemon drizzle cake. So to get my hands on General’s Juices Lemon Sentry was a real treat, and I haven’t been disappointed. It has a delicious lemony taste and the after-taste really does taste like frosty icing. Generals Juices have hit the nail on the head with this flavour and if you like lemon drizzle cake then you will love this juice. It’s not sickly, so is a great flavour for all day vaping, and provides excellent vapour production. This is one of my favourite dessert flavours, so if you haven’t tried it yet you should definitely give it a whirl.

BoOom: Custard

BoOom Custard

I have to admit I’m partial to a custard flavour, and BoOom Custard is one of the best I’ve tried. BoOom have three custard flavours, but their stand-out vape is their straight vanilla custard flavour. It’s a 70/30 blend with a great vapour production and the flavour is something you have to try if you like custard. It’s a sweet, creamy flavour and absolutely full of vanilla. If you like a custard vape and you haven’t tried BoOom Custard yet, then you should really give it a go. It’s quite simply a delectable custard vape.

ANML – Looper

ANML Looper

2016 has been a big year for cereal flavoured juices, and Looper by ANML is one of the best I’ve tried.  It’s a fruity cereal mix with a splash of creamy milk and offers a smooth yet crisp vape. The flavour is complex but immediately recognisable as a cereal breakfast and makes for a lovely morning vape. One of the reasons cereal vapes are becoming so popular is because of the freshness they offer, and Looper has light overtones of cold milk blended with fruity cereal. The reviews for this juice have been off the scale and it’s right up there with the very best e liquid flavours of all time (bold statement I know). If you haven’t tried a cereal vape yet, or you have but you haven’t tried Looper by ANML, then get yourself a bottle today.

Suicide Bunny – Derailed

Suicide Bunny Derailed

This is another oldie but goodie and though I first tried it in 2014, I’m still vaping it 2 years later in 2016. Suicide Bunny are an excellent brand and Derailed is one of their best flavours. It has excellent vapour production, a lovely smell, and a delicious cookie, doughy, sugary, bananary flavour. It’s has a sugar cookie inhale with a banana cinnamon exhale. There is a slight cinnamon twist to it, but that just enhances the banana and sugar. Basically it’s an all-round delicious vape.

Dinner Lady Strawberry Custard

Dinner Lady - Strawberry Custard

Dinner Lady are a newcomer to the vape scene and my ears pricked up when I saw they have created a strawberry custard flavour. I’m a big fan of strawberry vapes, and I like custard, so strawberry custard sits very well with my taste buds. For a newcomer, Dinner Lady have created one of the best strawberry vapes I’ve tasted and it works really well with the custard. The whole blend is topped off with caramel and it all adds up to a delicious strawberry vape.

Yögg Zabadi


2016 has been known for a lot of things, but one of those things is the emergence of yogurt flavoured juices. Yögg have based their whole brand around yogurt, and they make a really good job of recreating the creamy taste that is strangely unique to yogurt. Zabadi is their mango flavour and I think it works amazingly well. It’s a really nice yogurt flavour with an authentic mango twist. The mango tastes fresh and the whole blend comes together deliciously. The juice itself comes in 60ml bottles, and at £24.99 offers excellent value.

So here you have 17 of (in my opinion) the best e liquid flavours for 2016.  I’m sure I’ll add more to this list as I think of them, and feel free to offer your opinions. As I say this is just my opinion and these are the juices that I prefer. I haven’t met anyone yet that dislikes any of the vapes on this list so I’m sure I’ve picked some goodies. But feel free to contribute in the box below.

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