What Is Advanced Vaping? Beginner’s Guide Pt2

What Is Advanced Vaping? Beginner's Guide Pt2

What Is Advanced Vaping? Beginner’s Guide Pt2

Advanced Vaping – What’s it all about?

‘Advanced vaping’ refers to vaping that requires a little more know-how to use. The vaping world and community is not only one that is diverse, but is one that is constantly changing. Even the most experienced vapers still find themselves discovering new ways and methods to improve their vaping experience.

The types of devices that fall within the ‘advanced’ category are capable of producing very high power (voltage & wattage) and inducing huge depths of flavour depending on the user’s preferred usage. During your vape journey you may have heard of terms such as ‘mods’ or ‘mechanical mods’ and ‘RDA’s’ – these are two types of e-cigarettes which definitely fall under the ‘advanced’ category. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the skeleton of what encapsulates ‘advanced vaping.’

Rebuilding Atomisers – RDA’s, RBA’s & RTA’s


The rebuildable atomiser is a largely broad term. It is used to cover a plethora of similarly designed advanced e-cigarette products. To break it down simply:

RDA – Rebuilding Dripping Atomiser

RTA – Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser

RBA –  Rebuildable Atomiser

Let’s start with the RDA.

The rebuildable dripping atomiser is the most common of the above three and has been around the longest. You’ll find that your typical RDA will have a metal wire (coil), which basically heats up the e-liquid that has been poured onto the cotton. The user then creates the coil, inserts the cotton, and finally drips the e-liquid onto the absorbent cotton. Once the device has powered up, vapour is produced. As the taste begins to weaken, this is when you top up the cotton with e-liquid, rinse and repeat!

As this is a manual process, it can be repeated. The coils can also be rebuilt, hence the ‘rebuildable’ part of the name. the benefit of these rebuildable atomisers is that they you don’t have to replace them like other atomiser heads.

Next up, the RTA

RTA’s are similar to RDA’s in that they can also be rebuilt, though the difference is that they have a tank sitting on top. The Rebuildable Tank Atomiser skeleton is a combination of the tank and the RDA. Recently, the market for RTA’s has shot up due to the impressive style devices currently on offer. The Griffin being one of them. The reason why is due to the ability to use your own coils and cotton. Rather than having to constantly drip e-liquid onto the cotton, the tank feature means you can simply fill up the tank with juice. This means the cotton will always be soaked in e-liquid.

So, which one is best for me?

Well, that’s entirely up to you. Vaping is about experimentation and trial and error. These atomisers require a fair bit of know-how to get the best out of them. building a coil is not easy, and is definitely not advised if you’re an inexperienced vaper. Take a look at our guide on The Beginners Guide to Vaping for an in-depth simple introduction to vaping. Following advanced vaping, it is important to understand the mechanics behind the devices. All coils have certain resistance measured in ohms.

We cannot stress how much Rebuildable Atomisers are not meant for beginners due to their intricate designs and safety concerns most of all. Once you have familiarised yourself with the ins-and-outs of advanced vaping, then you’ll be able to experience the wonders that await you in the advanced vaping world. From producing large volumes of vapour smoke, to experiencing a wide variety of intense and sometimes crazy flavours, advanced vaping is something to look forward to after you’ve nailed the basics.

Box Mods

Box mod

Now we’re talking. So, box mods are higher powered version of the standard e-cigarette body you’re used to seeing. Why are they called box mods? Because they’re shaped like boxes. The reason for their shape is because they need a bigger battery and need far more power running through them to achieve the maximum vape experience.

Your typical e-Go style beginner battery will have approximately 14-20 watts of power. An e-cigarette mod will usually have a variable level of wattage that will allow the user to adjust the levels to suit their preferences. Mods are fast becoming very popular additions in the vape community, especially once you crawl out of the beginner trenches.

Why are box mods seen as a better alternative to standard e-cigarettes? Many reasons:

  • Longer battery life
  • More power
  • Improved vapour production
  • Better flavour

Some people will just jump straight to box mods, thinking that they can skip the beginner phase. Well, we’ve got news for you, this really isn’t a good idea. The benefits obviously appear to outweigh the sometimes-lethargic beginner process, but you can end up damaging both the e-cigarette and even yourself if you don’t know how to assemble and use them appropriately.

High Powered Mods

Power power power!

HPM’s both mechanical and one’s offering variable wattage, are used together with RDA’s and high powered sub-ohm tank style devices to allow you to get the best flavours and vapours from your e-liquid. Therefore, it is imperative that you used a high-powered mod with an RDA. Due to the resistance of the coils used on RDA’s, a large amount of power is required to fire up the device.

What about cloud chasing? I heard these are good for doing that?

You are correct. These mods are essential for the cloud-chasing vapers that want to puff out large amounts of vaper. Due to the increasing number of vapers, we are now surrounded by vape events across the UK, and the right RDA/Sub-ohm Tank combined with powerful mods can make a massive difference when it comes to cloud-chasing.

Mechanical Mods

Mechanical mods are also high powered mods, though again, they require extensive know-how in order to efficiently operate them. High powered box mods are regulated, meaning the power they produce is controlled. They also have safety features which can halt a device from firing if they sense a fault or short circuit.

Mechanical mods offer no such safety.

Mech mods have ‘firing pins’ that allows current, from a battery, to reach the attached RDA. What this basically means is that the pins heat the coil, resulting in the juice being vapourised. Many mech mods now have a built-in safety feature that includes a locking mechanism, other than that, there are no safety measurements. They are ‘raw’. They essentially really off the resistance of a coil, the lower ohm the coil, the more power it draws from your battery.

The benefit of this? You get a very powerful vape from the mod. This makes them very attractive to people who enjoy rebuilding and optimising their devices.

Are there any other mods that I may have missed? Comment below, I’d love to know what other mods I can trial!

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