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Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?

Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?

Apart from the health implications, one big motivation to give up cigarettes is the considerable dent it can make in smokers’ wallets. But is vaping any cheaper, and could switching to e-cigs save you cash? Let’s take a look at some cold, hard figures.

The rising cost of smoking

Currently, the average cost of a pack of twenty cigarettes is just over £10. That’s a lot of money to be forking out several times a week – and if you calculate the costs for terms of a whole year, it’ll set you back more than £3,600. If you’re thinking this sounds steep in comparison with a few years back, you’d be right: the cost of cigarettes has risen steeply, increasing by 91% in ten years from 2007 to 2017, making cigarettes less affordable and eating up a bigger portion of smokers’ disposable income.

Can vaping save you money?

Many smokers may be put off by the initial outlay (having to shell out a large sum for hardware, accessories and batteries), but the savings made in the long run could make it all worthwhile.

Basic hardware

Many people switching to vaping will opt for a starter kit, with everything you need included. Costs vary, but £25 is an average price for an all-in-one vaping device.

Ongoing costs

If you take up vaping, you’ll need to spend money regularly on e-liquid and replacement coils.

  • E-liquid. As a rule, a 10ml bottle of e-liquid is equivalent to up to 25 cigarettes. At £2.50 a bottle, someone who usually gets through 100 cigarettes a week (4 packs of 20) would spend £10 a week on e-liquid, as compared to £40 or more on cigarettes. Some of our most popular brands and flavours include Hangsen, menthol and tobacco.
  • Coils. Like the cost of a vape device, replacement coils vary in price, but you can expect to pay around £1-2 per coil. On average, you’ll need to replace your coil every two weeks.

Put together, these essential costs add up to around £560 a year.

Occasional costs

As a vaper, there are some other, occasional costs that you’ll also need to factor in.

  • Rechargeable batteries don’t need replacing as often as disposables, but you’ll still need to do so every now and then – perhaps every six months, at a cost of around £20 a year.
  • You’ll probably have a battery charger included in your starter kit, but if you want a USB charger or in-car charger, these will cost extra – say, another £10.

The final reckoning

We’ve seen that a typical cigarette habit could add up to £3,600 or more every year. In comparison, your first year of vaping comes in at just over £600 – an approximate saving of £3,000!

Of course, many vapers do go beyond the basics and enjoy the process of building their own custom mods. If that’s you, you will of course expect to pay out more for your hobby. But in comparison with the cost of cigarettes, vaping remains a clear winner. Why not make the switch and invest in a vaping starter kit today?

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