Vaper’s Tongue: What is it, and How to Treat it

Vaper’s Tongue: What is it, and How to Treat it

Vaper’s Tongue: What is it, and How to Treat it

While this may sound like quite a nasty thing to have, there really is nothing to worry about! Vaper’s tongue is simply what happens to some people when they excessively vape and numb their taste buds to certain foods. Vaper’s tongue happens unexpectedly, you could catch it within a few days, a few months or it might years before you even notice it. The main cause occurs when you try a new flavour of e-liquid and your taste buds become numb to the flavour. Don’t worry though! This is not a medical condition and there are very simple explanations for the cause of vaper’s tongue.


It is common knowledge that vaping dehydrates you, so this is nothing to worry about. You may find that many vapers carry a bottle of water with them because of the dry mouth it sometimes leaves. This is because the PG and VG within e-liquids absorb moisture in your mouth, with some people claiming it slightly numbs the tongue. All this means is that when you excessively vape, your tongue becomes numb to the taste. All you need to do if this scenario ever becomes a reality, is to drink water, simple! The water will wash out the excess PG/VG from your mouth.

Staying with One Flavour

Come on, who sticks to just one flavour? Vaping is about experimenting with all the weird and wonderful flavours out there, sticking to one is not only boring but it may dampen your taste buds. Like with anything, the more you have it, the more tolerable to it you become. Think of it this way, eating your favourite food is great for a while but after time, you’ll become bored of it. That’s what happens when you overexpose your tongue to the same e-liquid. The short of it is, try to mix it up. Experiment and have fun with the plethora of flavours at your disposal!

Coughs and Colds

Smell and taste come as a couple, so when you become ill, or have a cold, it usually numbs your taste buds. This may be the reason why you’re feeling as if the e-liquid isn’t tasting quite the same. Even if you’re feeling fine, or you’ve just got over a cold, your taste buds are still in the process of repairing themselves. The cure? Get better! Once you’ve defeated your cold, your body should eventually return to functioning normally.

Dirty Coils

Not the most pleasant topic to address, but still one of importance. Atomisers, when used excessively, become filled with residue and dirt. When you continue to use them, the oxidized particles find their way into your mouth and have the potential to burn your taste buds. Ever notice why the flavour seems better every coil change? This is why. Changing out the coils every week to keep things clean and fresh is the best way to avoid vaper’s tongue. For those who use disposables, simply swap the atomiser with a new one as soon as the flavour begins to dull.

Recently Quit Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking massively impacts one’s sense of taste and smell. Vapers that encounter vaper’s tongue, however, are simply adjusting to the new flavours. The reason for this is mainly because your taste buds are not used to these new tastes, so it will take time for them to adjust. There’s nothing to worry about here, you just need to ride-out the initial introduction phase. It’s understandable that people may be put-off by this. But if you persevere, you’ll overcome it in no time. Once you have, your taste buds will love enjoying the new flavours you’re bringing to the table.

There we have it! There is seriously no need to worry if you ever feel you might have vaper’s tongue, it is incredibly common and easily treatable. Many new vapers experience it and through perseverance, they have allowed themselves to explore the world of vaping, embracing new and interesting flavours as they go. If you want to give vaping a try, or you’re interested in adding to your vape collection, why not take a look at our stock while you’re here?

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