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Top 5 Vaping Tips for Newbies

Top 5 Vaping Tips for Newbies

I talk to numerous vapers who have only recently made the switch from smoking to vaping and It’s normal to feel overwhelmed as a first-time vaper. Like all things, it’s a learning curve but you shouldn’t let this deter you and if you stick with it until you find the perfect setup then you’ll be able to say goodbye to smoking forever. 

1. Do Your Research

If you’re just about to start vaping then it’s good to do some research before you buy. There are lots of e cigarettes on the market and it’s important you buy on that’s right for you. It’s a good idea to start your journey into vaping with a starter kit because it has all the components you need to start vaping out of the box. When you are familiar with all the components you can then look at maybe upgrading the tank or the mod for the next purchase you make.


2. Juice Top Tips

Did you know you should shake your e-liquid before each use? This helps ensure that the PG/VG mixture and the nicotine are properly mixed, that way you are always sure to get a quality vape. It’s also vital to store e liquid away from direct sunlight. If e liquid is exposed to direct sunlight, it can decrease the intensity of the nicotine, which is not a good thing for new vapers who generally have their nicotine content higher. Some vapers also say It’s good to let your e liquid breathe (like a fine wine) if it’s too intense, but leaving the bottle open for extended periods of time can reduce the flavour. I would recommend that you don’t leave the bottle open for more than 30 minutes for the full effect without loss of flavour.

3. Buy a Backup Battery

Always be sure to have a backup battery. I often find that vaping newbies buy the lowest cost setup they can find. This is understandable, I’m not disputing it, but the problem this can cause is that cheap batteries often don’t last a full day. If you’re a heavy vaper, a cheap battery might only get you through half the day. So, I would strongly recommend either purchasing a better battery or buying yourself a backup so you are never caught short.

4. Care for Your E Cig

Caring for your e cigarette can make it last for a long time. Although e-cigarettes are durable, like any other electronic device, they are vulnerable. If you don’t take proper care of your vaporiser, or knock it around a lot, the internal parts can become broken. Always keep your e cig away from water and moisture and don’t forget to clean the connection where your tank and vaporiser attach for the ultimate vaping experience (a dirty connection can reduce performance). A lot of the complaints we get about mods or e cigarettes being faulty are generally down to misuse.

5. Be Respectful of Others

When you first start vaping, it can be easy to forget that a lot people don’t understand vaping and some don’t agree with it. I always remind my customers to be respectful to everyone around them when vaping. Although e cigarettes aren’t banned in many indoor places, it is good to be aware of the people around you, many of whom may not like vaping. Just be respectful of those around you, don’t blow vapour into peoples’ faces, don’t vape in a public place if it is making people notably uncomfortable and ask permission before vaping in someone’s house. It’s all common sense, really, but the excitement of switching to vaping can cause people to forget themselves.

Final Words

Here at Smokshop, we’re passionate about vaping and I personally love it when new vapers come into our shops. It gives us a chance to share our love for vaping, to teach and inform people, and to answer any questions newbies have. If you are thinking of giving vaping a go, leave me a comment below and feel free to ask any questions. I’ll be more than happy to answer them, as after all, I was a newbie once myself!

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