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Top 5 Gadgets for Vaping and Gaming

Top 5 Gadgets for Vaping and Gaming

The gaming and vaping market has struck gold over the past five years and people are now seeking gadgets that combine the two very sociable activities to form the perfect hobby.

I myself am an avid gamer and I vape whilst I play. In any RPG (role-playing game) I play, I will see if I can somehow incorporate vaping into my character as I feel it adds a sense of mysticism to the experience and also fuels the immersion factor. Don’t get me wrong, there are some instances where this isn’t possible, and I’ll simply take a hit from my vape pen during a loading screen just to joyfully pass the time.

Sort of like the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland…

Anyway, with that being said, I’ve found some of the most helpful and quirky gadgets that will optimise your vape-gaming experience.

Jupiter Vaporcade

Jupiter Vaporcade

Whilst not initially linked to gaming, the phone offers a service that enhances vape usability through a series of monitoring services, customisation tabs, and flavour identifiers. It’s also a phone, so yes, you can make calls! Jupiter is shared between two batteries, one powers the phone, one powers the vaping. It’s a 3G-ready phone that runs on a dated version of Google’s Android operating system.

You are able to monitor your flavour, battery voltage, plan your progress and more all on one screen. Whilst this won’t directly enhance your gaming experience, it will certainly make vaping more accessible mid-game for example. Vaping can be very fiddly and sometimes a nightmare to change settings halfway through a game, and the Vaporcade looks to challenge this troubles.

The phone is also able to track your puff counts and favourite flavours, and offers you the chance to review your vaping history via its usage graph and analysis system.

Customise the phone to fit your gaming needs, you may find that your regular settings may not match the way you game and Jupiter allows you to easily customise your settings with little to no struggle or fidgety complication.

Mouse Bungee

Mouse bungee

This gadget is small, efficient, and subtly brilliant. The purpose of the Mouse Bungee is to keep the mouse cord off the ground whilst gaming. Many gamers feel that their clunky mouse cable frequently hinders their gaming experience by getting in the way. The gadget works by threating the mouse cord through a raised spring arm, preventing tangles and stopping drag for a smoother mouse swiping experience.

It also incorporates anti-slip feet for heavy-duty stability. A weight is installed in the base’s centre along with anti-sleep feet on the underside. This means that the Bungee remains stable no matter how aggressive your mouse swipes are. It also looks good and adds a sleek finish to your gaming station!

Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

Hacking keyboard

If you’re looking for a compact, transportable, and quite frankly wicked-looking keyboard, then the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard is what you’ve been looking for. Its design is perfectly sculpted for modern professionals. It is a fully programmable, split mechanical keyboard for extreme productivity. The keyboard incorporates Cherry MX-style switches you can change and customise based on your needs. The coolest component about this gadget is that the keyboard splits in half! Not only does it look cool, but is greatly helps posture and typing efficiency. The keyboard is durable and will last you a lifetime!

Talon – World’s First Smart Ring Gaming Controller


This small little gadget is perfect for on-the-go gamers and even vapers alike. The Talon uses motion sensors and/or gestures to play games and control apps on your phone, tablet, smart TVs, Virtual Reality headsets etc. It’s even compatible with smart watches another smart IoT devices. Imagine vaping outside and having the ability to seamlessly start playing a game or app by the swipe of your finger. It would take some getting use to and you may look a bit strange, but the concept is interesting nonetheless. Talon essentially becomes an accessible alternative to the usually clunky, heavy game ware on the current market. It also has the ability to take you from a 2D touchscreen to 3D touchless space. Talon has made a small, but significant step towards passive, simple and free-roaming gaming.


X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair

gaming chair

What better way to vape and chill out then with a chair that connects you to the gaming world without wires and in maximum comfort?

These aren’t the most innovative ideas of the new year, they’ve actually been around for a while, though they are becoming more reasonably priced. The X Rocker incorporates top of the range audio features with seriously improves the immersion of the game you’re playing. Even if it’s not gaming you’re buying it for, the experience is still the same, emulating surround sound at half the price with added comfort and a wide range of other abilities. The powerful subwoofer is also a nice addition. The chair is purpose-built for relaxation, so sit back with your feet up and vape and game the night away!


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