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The King of Vape Tricks: Austin Lawrence

The King of Vape Tricks: Austin Lawrence

Day by day, vaping is becoming more accepted in contemporary society, with more people switching to vaping, different e-liquids being produced daily, and vaping competitions cropping up all over the globe.

We’ve already seen how successful the vape community has become, and with recent claims coming out regarding the positivity of vaping (in comparison to smoking) the community is only going to become bigger.

Vaping Competitions

If you’re a vape enthusiastic, then you’ll be no stranger to the vape competitions. Thousands of people are seen attending the UK’s biggest vaping exhibitions each year to expand their knowledge of vaping. With the like of Vape Jam, UK Vapefest, Vaper Expo, and The Vape Collective gaining traction every year.

As many are aware, with vape competitions, come vape experts, and this is where we meet one of the most talented vape tricksters currently in the business.

Austin Lawrence – The Competitive Vape Trickster

Austin Lawrence

There are a great many videos on YouTube of vapers attempting the infamous trick, though for Lawrence, this is merely child’s play. It’s not as if people don’t know how to perform the trick, there’s a tutorial here that shows you the ropes, but knowing how to do it is one thing – actually performing the task? Whole different story.

Austin Lawrence has burst onto the vaping scene with his slick ability to essentially control vapour from e-cigarettes. At the ripe age of 21, he is the co-owner of Vertigo Vaporium, a proud and quirky vape shop in New Brunswick, New Jersey. His Instagram fame is all down to his incredible skill with an e-cigarette, namely the shapes and forms he can construct with the vapour once exhaled.

What is the Double Lasso?

Technique is the key to mastering this infamous trick. While it doesn’t quite match up to Gandalf crafting a ship from his pipe, it’s certainly up there with one of the most impressive vape tricks conducted by a mere human.

It starts with Austin exhaling a thick, creamy O about a foot in diameter, out of his mouth. Then, he blows a smaller, swifter O right through the larger O, which then (if done correctly) envelopes the original loop in a slick flurry of translucent smoke. However, the plot thickens once more, as a third, final, and even smaller O is shunted through the first two, which, in its final form, creates a sort of weird, powerful jellyfish.

Basically, it looks awesome.

However, this technique takes a lot of fluid lung control and the vocal skill of Beyoncé. Speed and control is important here, the faster the first O is expelled, the better its viscosity, however, too much power will see it fly across the room, leaving you chasing it around the room like a failed Ghostbuster.

“It’s all really momentum, the way you hit the O. […] You really ‘gotta hit it perfectly.” Words coming from the demi-god, himself. He has also admitted (with deep solemnness) that he hasn’t perfected the technique just yet. While he does manage to perform them to a high standard, the consistency is a little off at times (he modestly admitted).

Drake Sent a Private Jet to Pick Him Up!

DrakeAustin has become even more famous as of late, with arguably the most popular American rapper Drake, personally messaging him on his Instagram account, asking him to sort him out with one of his unique e-cigarettes. Here’s the infamous transcript!

“He was hookah-ing at the time, basically,” Lawrence says. “He was like, ‘I’ve never seen the machines you were using.’ Then he said, ‘Yo, could you hook me up with a vape?’ I told him, I’ll hook you up with a starter kit or whatever.” (Let’s briefly pause to reflect on the perfection that is Drake asking a 21-year-old for a vape in the DMs. Amen.) “And then he was like, ‘Yoooooo, should I just fly you out?’”

Pretty impressive for a kid who started a vape trick account! Austin did accept to go and meet Drake in his Calabasas mansion, where I’m sure they divulged into deep vape-infused conversation.

Austin Vs His Vape Competition

With 320,000 Instagram followers, there aren’t many vape tricksters that come close to his following. This is not to say that there aren’t other talented vape artists around the world, it’s just that Austin, at the moment, is arguably the most renowned.

So, if you’re looking to improve you vape tricks, then Austin’s Instagram account is definitely worth a follow, for hilarious memes and comedy however, Smokshop’s is where it’s at!

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