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The 6 Surprising Countries That Have Banned Vaping

The 6 Surprising Countries That Have Banned Vaping

Vaping regulations seem like they’re never-ending. What is legal in one country may be banned in another, which is both incredibly inconvenient while bringing a plethora of issues to the unaware vaper.

Though, regulating the industry does come with obvious benefits, such as improved safety, less misuse of products, clamp-downs on fake e-cigarette distribution (more info on that here) among other benefits.

Despite the added benefits, it has restricted the use of e-cigarettes and vaping in general in certain parts of the world. This is usually down to miscommunication and lack of certified information regarding vaping. Considering that smoking is legal all over the world, it’s baffling to see that vaping is still conceived to be worse than smoking!

With that in mind, I’ve looked at some of the places where vaping is still banned, or at least has restrictions that could limit your usage. Check out the information below for a better understanding of what is accepted and what isn’t!


Officially, Brazil has stated that the use of e-cigarettes is banned. Though, despite the official ban, people have seemingly been photographed vaping with no severe punishment induced. So, worth the risk? Not advisable but Brazil may not be as strict as other countries!

Hong Kong

This one was a little confusing, seeing as though much of the e-cigarette industry resides in Hong Kong, their attitude and stance seemed quite ironic. If you’re caught vaping in Hong Kong, you’re going to be looking at a hefty fine and even a prison sentence! However, this is in extreme cases, and it’s more likely you’ll be facing a fine rather than jail time. Either way, you don’t want to be caught vaping in Hong Kong.


Though importing, manufacturing, and/or distributing e-cigarettes is strictly prohibited, reports have claimed that tourists and travellers passing through Argentina have seldom run into any trouble with the law. Again, don’t let this get to your head! I’d always advise caution in these areas, as breaking the law simply isn’t worth the risk. Japan Slightly more difficult for the law to spot, Japan has made vaping nicotine illegal but stated that vaping nicotine-free is fine.


Similar to Hong Kong, being caught with an e-cigarette in your hand will see you hit with a big fine and even some prison time. Again, the ban extends to all uses of e-cigarettes, even if you’re nicotine-free. Also, don’t try wearing nicotine patches, as these are banned as well!

United Arab Emirates

If you’re looking to get away this summer and the UAE is your choice, better leave the e-cigarette at home, as these are banned as well. The punishment is confiscation or worse, depending on the ‘severity’ of your crime.


I don’t want the above list to be the reason why you may quit, or abstain from vaping. This list is simply to let you know what the potential punishments are. As I stated previously, many people have bypassed such laws in certain countries, with others simply getting a verbal warning. Vaping is slowly gaining a more positive outlook from previously unconvinced regulatory bodies, so we may see some of these countries revoke their strict laws in the future.

Have you ever experienced punishment or questionable law enforcement regarding vaping? Do let me know in the comments below!

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