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The 4 Best Vape Exhibitions of 2017

The 4 Best Vape Exhibitions of 2017

What is a Vape Exhibition?

A vape exhibition is an event that invites hundreds, if not thousands of people from across the globe to a designated venue where people flaunt their products, brands, companies and vaping skills to the enthusiasts and other relevant parties.

The Rise of Vape Exhibitions

Due to the massive increase in vape-users around the globe, events have started to crop up to display the skills and tricks these vape-gurus can flaunt.

Thousands of people are seen attending the UK’s biggest vaping exhibitions each year to expand their knowledge of vaping. There is no better way to meet people who share your fascination and intrigue whilst inspecting the new vape technology and kits that are on offer.

Here at SmokShop, we have complied a list of the four most popular vaping events in the UK:


4. Vape Jam UK (7/8 + 9th April 2017)

If you missed this year’s Vape Jam, well, gutted. This is definitely one of the fastest growing vape events currently in Europe. The event is a three-day major event hosted in ExCel London and is swiftly becoming one of the leading e-cigarette exhibitions. Public tickets are priced at £10 + VAT with one ticket granting entrance for both days. The VIP areas will offer complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments and a private seating area.

In April 2016, the event brought in 10,000 people and 300 exhibitors from more than 40 countries. If you’re keen on vaping, be you a businessman or a buyer, you do not want to miss this event. We’re nearing the end of the year now (gulp) so keep an eye out for the next Vape Jam announcement.


3. UK Vapefest (6th/7th August 2017) – read more

Like big festivals? Like vaping? Like large open spaces to run around and chase clouds in? Well, UK Vapefest surrounds itself with 53 acres of countryside beauty at the location of Greenhouse West Mid Showground. What makes this event so good is that you are free to roam around the grounds in between events and at your own pace and enjoy the sunshine. 

The Showground is set in the heart of Shropshire with a 15-minute walk from the historic Tudor Town of Shrewsbury. The Showground has been used for many events including the Shrewsbury Folk Festival which attracted more than 20,000 visitors last year. 

The event itself is free, though camping on the grounds is ticketed. It would be a good idea to check early if you’re thinking about staying overnight. This year, the band ‘Hedgehog’ will be performing covers of Led Zeppelin’s most popular records whilst you indulge in the latest mods, juices and vape pens that are new to the scene. 

The venue is flat, open and wheelchair-friendly. Children and pets are also welcome as this is an outdoor event.

2. Vaper Expo UK – The Return (October 2017)

Now, for the biggest event in Europe. The Vaper Expo UK is in its third year and has been crowned the largest e-cigarette and vaping exhibition in Europe. Aptly named ‘The Return’, the next instalment of this event – according to promoters and their website – promises to ensure that the event engages both exhibitors and visitors alike. 

With plenty of freebies, competitions, and giveaways over the 165,000 sqft exhibition space, you’d be daft to miss out. Not only that, there are hundreds of different e-liquids and tech to both sample and buy. 

The NEC Birmingham is where the event takes place, and it brings together a big part of the UK vaping community. This includes e-liquid and equipment producers, modderswholesalers, shop managers, health professionals, reviewers and of course, vaping enthusiasts. 

The 2016 event saw more than 235 exhibitors from 300 brands spread across 150,000 sqft of exhibition space. Over 15,000 people visited throughout the 3-day event, though next year’s is expected to be bigger and better with a specific focus on visitor experience. 

Over the 3 days, the event will allow the vape community and the entire professional field to converse with manufacturers, to share, to test and know more about new products.

1. Vape Collective (28th May 2017)

Another hard-hitter in the vape community is the Vape Collective. Situated in Doncaster, the event brings together manufactures, retailers and visitors for two days of vaping discussions, exhibitions, and presentations. 

The club sells food onsite, from breakfast at 8am through to evening meals at 6pm. There are many entertainment options on offer over the weekend, including raffles, a cloud competition, vendor giveaways and vendor competitions. Due to its popularity, the organisers prepare arranged camping for up to 500 tents. They have also secured discounts at a range of local hotels for those seeking comfort and a quiet night. 

With almost 100 plots available, many are expected to be exhibiting at the Vape Collective in 2017. 

There you have it! The top four vape events in the UK. Be sure to book early to obtain your tickets and let us know in the comments which one you’ll be attending!

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