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Shortfill Vaping for the New Generation

Shortfill Vaping for the New Generation

A Look into ShortFills

As of late, many vapers are jumping on the ‘short fill’ bandwagon, the new way of vaping that’s sweeping the country. The reason why shortfills are becoming so popular is due to the loophole it provides to vapers. So, what are ‘shortfills’? Well, Shortfills work like this:

1. You buy any 100ml e-liquid shortfill in zero nicotine from SmokShop

2. Then buy our Flawless Nicotine Shot (10ml)

3. Then mix in shots to get your required strength*, commonly 1.5 to 3mg.

4. There you have it, eliquid in your required strength.


* 2x 18mg 10ml Nicotine shots in 100ml of eliquid makes 120ml of 3mg eliquid

* 1x 18mg 10ml Nicotine shot in 100ml of eliquid makes 110ml of 1.6mg eliquid


Why Shortfill Vaping is Good

Ever since the TPD rolled around with its strict and arguably flawed set of vaping laws, it’s made vaper’s lives difficult. The TPD banned the distribution of 100ml e-liquids, which didn’t just mean that many businesses went bust but also meant that e-liquids became more expensive to buy. So, many companies came to the conclusion that selling packs of 10x10ml e-liquids (equalling 100ml) for a lower price would bypass this rule (and it did!).

This new method allows vapers to buy e-liquids in bulk without having to constantly buy refills at what would be a much higher price.

The new TPD laws were not exactly welcome news to many vapers. The TPD – for those who do not know – stands for Tobacco Product Directive and enforces new laws every year on what the e-cigarette industry can and cannot do. This year was particularly restrictive, mainly due to the 100ml e-liquid ban and the maximum nicotine level now being just 20mg.

Luckily vapers are quick to notice a problem and solve it. Short filling is becoming increasingly popular by the day. E-liquid distributors are becoming wise to this, lowering their prices or making deals that coincide with the short fill market boom.

How are Shortfill E-Liquids different?

Shortfill 100ml vaping

Most of the time, shortfill e-liquids are sold in bottles filled with 50-100ml nicotine-free e-liquid. Manufacturers will fill the bottles to around 80/90% capacity so that the user has room to add a small amount of nicotine shot to create a prime short fill e-liquid.

For ease of use, many vapers are now adding 10ml of an 18mg Flawless Nicotine Shot to a 50ml short fill e-liquid. This is preferred as its easier to quickly fill-up a 50ml bottle rather than a 100ml.

Once you’ve added your nicotine, simply shake the bottle around and you have an e-liquid with around 3mg of nicotine.

This is a quick and easy way to convert a 0mg e-liquid into your desired nicotine strength e-liquid while conforming to the regulations of the TPD act.

Short Fill E-Liquid Bargains in Stock!

We’re happy to announce we are now stocking short fill e-liquids. All of our e-liquids here at SmokShop contain nicotine-free e-liquid with space for you to then add your Flawless Nicotine Shot and create your own strength e-liquid.

SmokShop Stock

Here at SmokShop, we stock a variety of wicked short fill e-liquids, including the popular Dr Frost Strawberry Ice 100ml e-liquid, which is proving very popular with our customers. We currently have 12 fantastic flavours on offer and more on the way! We currently stock the following short fill e-liquids and nicotine shots:

• Dr Frost
• Punk’d Pinkake
• Next Big Thing
• Flawless Nicotine Shot (10ml/18mg)

All of these can be found on our short fill e-liquid page, so why not have a quick browse, you’re sure to find a bargain!

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