My Top 7 E-Liquid Brands That Have Burst into 2017

My Top 7 E-Liquid Brands That Have Burst into 2017

My Top 7 E-Liquid Brands That Have Burst into 2017

We’re almost into April and we’ve already had some fantastic e-liquids come our way. After having a year to reflect on all the brilliant e-liquids that had come out, I felt it was time to review a few of my favourites going into 2017!

7. Jimmy the Juice Man

Price £15 – 30ml

I personally love the design of these bottles, I know that’s not anything to go on in regards to flavour or taste, but still, it’s a nice aesthetic addition.

Anyway, Jimmy the Juice Man is a Chicago-based brand, here are 5 of their most common flavours:

  1. Shurb (raspberry, lime and orange)
  2. Caramel Pear
  3. Strawberry Astronaut (strawberry and apricot)
  4. Crème Brulee
  5. Peachy Strawberry

Their best performing flavour is without a doubt Shurb, which admittedly, did coerce me into choosing Jimmy the Juice Man for my number 10 spot. However, this isn’t to say that the others aren’t good enough, it’s just that Shurb is very unique in its own right. All liquids come in a 60% VC and a choice of 6 nicotine levels (0-24mg/ml). if you haven’t already, go out and trial some of these, especially Shurb!

6. Teleos E-Juice

Price: £19 – 30ml

Another fine example of some expertly crafted e-liquid aesthetics. Teleos’ design looks as if it’s come right out of a steampunk era, with its rusty Victorian-esque acknowledgements in quirky vials. Crafted by two vapers – over a thousand miles apart! – that ensure every liquid is made to the highest standards.

They have 15 flavours in total, some fan favourites are:

  • Cloud Science Alpha (strawberries and spun sugar)
  • Crunch (a recreation of Captain Crunch cereal)
  • The Milk (fruit cereal, milk and brown sugar)

The PG/VG ratios do vary however, the Eight Bells is 50/50, The Milk is 70% and Cloud Science is max VG. All in all, they’re generally quite VG heavy.

5. Suicide Bunny E-Juice

Price – £19 – 30ml

A very well-known brand, Suicide Bunny are one of the hard-hitters in the vape industry. They’re most known for their notorious e-liquid goes by the name of Mother’s Milk, that alone would make it into my list, but there are other positives.

Suicide Bunny offers five e-liquids, including the illusive ‘Obsidian Edition’ of their popular Mother’s Milk flavour (basically a cooler, ‘aged’ version).

Here are some of the favourites:

  • Derailed (cookie, cinnamon and banana)
  • B (sweet cake vibes – recipe is secret!)
  • Sucker Punch
  • Mother’s Milk (strawberries and cream!)

I can’t see Suicide Bunny going out of fashion anytime soon, especially with it’s mascot in Mother’s Milk. Definitely worthy of number 5 in this list.

4. Double Drip E-Juice

Price – £4.50 – 10ml

Very new on my scene but definitely one of my favourites. Made especially in the UK by industry-leading experts Vapour Labs, Double Drip marks their lasts range of maximum VG e-liquids. They are tailored for producing big clouds and big flavour with their range Coil Sauce.

Here are some of the flavours I’ve tried:

  • Raspberry Sherbet (raspberry and sherbet afternotes)
  • Double Drip Strawberry Banana Waffle (strawberry, banana and waffles)
  • Double Drip Twisted Ice Cream (frozen strawberry and lemon juice with sweet lime and pineapple)

These saucy little liquids are definitely worth a shot, and priced at a reasonable £4.50, why wouldn’t you give them a try?

3. Mech Sauce E-Juice

Price £5 – 30ml

Despite not enticing me with the design (very amateur, but that’s not really important, is it?) Mech Sauce remains a giant in the vape industry. Based in Virginia, this brand makes the list due to its massive range of 47 e-flavours, all of which are very reasonably priced. Over the years, they’ve collected a very loyal following, and have subsequently been able to market some very successful e-liquids:

  • Mech Milk (strawberry milkshake)
  • Captain Loopy (Fruit Loop milk leftovers)
  • Berry Sabotage (Barry Captain Crunch leftovers)
  • Empress Milk (strawberry custard)
  • Antidote (strawberry shortcake ice cream)

2. The Steam Factory E-Juice

Price £15 – 30ml

Another brilliantly designed e-juice, Steam Factory has gained some strong support over its 4 years of active service. It was originally created by a husband and wife who sought to create the ultimate all-day-vape experience, while at the same time, producing flavours that would attract a mass audience.

Here are the five flavours they have on offer:

  1. Kismet (green apple and pear)
  2. Castaway (tropical fruits)
  3. Blue Ballz (banana and blueberry)
  4. Screwberry (mixed berries)
  5. Muffcake (muffin/cupcake blend with lemon and mixed fruit)

 Despite being slightly more expensive than others, the quality that’s infused justifies the price. This is one brand you don’t want to neglect during 2017.

1. Vape Wild E-Juice

Price £5 – 30ml

I’ve given Vape Wild my number one spot for my top seven countdown, why? Mainly because of price, respect and having over 130 flavours!

These flavours rage from oddly unique breakfast blends, to menthol and tobacco tastes. With such a variety of flavours, you’d find it hard to find something that doesn’t suit your taste. Their stand-out flavours are:

  • Cloud Custard (vanilla custard blend)
  • Circus Bear (strawberry, banana, custard)
  • Sweet Complexity (cream, banana, cinnamon, sugar, vanilla, rum)
  • Smurf Cake (blueberry cheesecake)
  • Fruit Hoops (leftover Fruit Hoop milk)

The price brings this whole package together, 10ml is only £1.50! With so much choice at such reasonable prices, Vape Wild rightfully secures its deserved first-place position in my top 7 e-liquids of 2017.

Are there any e-liquids that you’ve tried and tested that you think should have made the list? Maybe you’ve created some or your own? If so, I’d love to hear from you, so comment away below!

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