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Kangertech Electronic Cigarette Products

Kangertech Electronic Cigarette Products

Kangertech are one of the earliest manufacturers of personalised e-cigarettes in China, dating back to their founding in 2007. Due to their focus on innovation and invention, the e-cigarettes are fast-sellers across North American and the EU. Their attention to detail is put through its paces by the CE, RoHS and SGS certifications and must meet the international environmental management system’s thorough ISO 14000 standards.

Kanger Service and Products

Whether you’re a seasoned, veteran vaper or are new to the trend, somewhere along the line you may have heard of Kangertech. They’re one of the biggest names out there on the vaping scene. They’re known for producing the incredibly popular Protank, Evod and the Subtank range of clearomisers, as well as a variety of mods and starter kits. If you haven’t personally experienced a Kangertech product, you’ll have certainly seen others using one.

A Brief History of Kangertech

Based in Shenzhen, Kangertech operations are situated in one of China’s wealthiest cities. With a strong workforce of over 3,000 workers that produce over hundreds of thousands of vaping items per day.

Kangertech’s first high-profile product was the Protank, released back in 2013. This sparked a major shift in dynamic for the vaping industry, in that this was the first step towards cigalikes and cartomizers, towards refillable tank-based systems. Although other tanks pre-date Kangertech’s, (including some of their own T2 and MT3 clearomizers) the Protank quickly became a worldwide success due to its sleek, sturdy design and efficient replaceable coils.

Glass was a key factor in the success of the Protank, as this allowed safe vaping of ‘tank cracker’ e-juice such as cinnamon and aniseed. Protank remains a reliable and efficient mainstay in the vaping world and is regularly updated to incorporate the latest innovations in vaping technology.

Most Popular Kangertech Kits

Kangertech Subox

Kanger SuboxSo, the Kangertech Subox kit combines the Kangertech Subtank Mini with the matching Kbox mini 50w box mod. The colour options are: white, or black matte finish.

This is a much-improved tank that incorporates vertical coils and much better flavour output than the previous Subtank mini. The tanks and Kbox mini come as a sort of combo kit. The mini box mod can be purchased separately if you only have eyes for the box mod.

Not only is the Kangertech Subox capable of firing down to as low as 0.3ohm, but it looks gorgeous! Its sleek design matches well with the smooth vape experience, making for a compact, easy to use piece of kit.

Pros: Small, sleek and looks stunning. Couple this with a removable magnetic battery cover for ease of access and you’re already onto a winner. It easy-to-use screen is also a massive bonus for everyone, and having a magnifying glass to makes the display appear bigger than it actually is. Last but not least, it also comes with stickers, and hey, who doesn’t love a bit of customisation?

Cons: No spring-loaded pin, meaning you may encounter some issues with some tanks. There were also some wattage issues at the lower end, people have reported that Kanger Subox measures in DC instead of True RMS. What this essentially means is that at 7w the Subox is actually firing at 16.2W and this could cause trouble for those who enjoy using mouth-to-lung type clearomizers. Finally, no temperature control. Whilst this isn’t necessarily a negative, Kangertech’s rivals are shelling them out at lower prices, so why wouldn’t you want to include this feature if your competitors are?

Kanger Nebox

Kanger NeboxThe Nebox is similar to a Joytech E-Grip, if the E-Grip was on steroids for sub-ohm and temperature control vaping. Fitted onto the Kanger is a large built-in 10ml tank capable of firing up to 60w! The Nebox is also the first Kangertech of its kind to come with temperature control vaping.

Pros: The Nebox is an incredibly simple device to use, mainly because you dot have to add your tank on as it’s an all-in-one device. Everything is very well bundled inside the Nebox and it doesn’t look forced either. A 10ml tank capacity is a great size tank as well, 6 pre-set temperature and wattage settings, temperature control and the ability to change the wattage in temp mode all combine to create a small, jam-packed gadget with a lot to give. It’s very simple to use and its simplicity will appeal to beginners and intermediate vapers alike.

Cons: The battery is the biggest flaw on this otherwise decent design. This is a pedantic grievance, but the fact you have to unscrew the battery using a coin did annoy me somewhat, and after time, the paint will start to flake off. There’s also no air flow control or MTL option which will annoy some people. It’s restrictive, meaning that vapers who enjoy mouth-to-lung hits won’t be suited to this device. It’s great for the sub-ohm vapers, but they really missed a trick here by neglecting to utilise the air flow control option. Also, the Nebox had a lot of flak when it was first introduced as they kept having problems with leakages. 

Kangertech SUBVOD

Kanger SubvodThis design is geared towards easier use, as its name suggests. The Kangertech SUBVOD Starter Kit comes complete with everything you need in an entry level set up. The kit includes a 1300 mAh SUBVOD battery, Kangertech TopTank Nano-S, Stainless Steel OCC coils, a replacement plexiglass tank, and all the general charging accessories.

The difference with the Subvod kit is that it offers a starting point for those that want to sub ohm vape. The Subvod kit also includes Kangertech’s new stainless steel OCC coil head, which is known to deliver smooth flavour and big clouds.

Pros: Ideal for starters, options are simple and the results are top quality. It has a fixed power output, meaning no need to mess around with settings, it’s very cheap and actually better than other starter kits and the flavour hits are sensational.

Cons: Battery life could be better, drains e-juice fairly quickly, fixed voltage means you can’t adjust the power and there are limited options for experienced users (as it is aimed at beginners!)

Kanger Top Evod Kit

The Kanger Top Evod Kit has always been popular, especially among new vapers. It’s easy to use and contains high-quality stainless steel and Pyrex. It’s a starter kit at the lower end of the price scale at £15.99 and is a great introduction into the world of vaping. For a small battery it also kicks out a surprising amount of vapour. It only has a 1.7ml tank, which is TPD ready and has the ability to top fill. If you’re looking for a compact design and a budget e cig that’s ready to vape right out of the box then the Kanger Top Evod Kit fits the bill perfectly.

KBox Topbox Mini

ToptankThe Topbox Mini Kit is another popular mod by Kanger and has been a big seller here at SmokShop. The kit includes a temperature controlled Topbox mod which is capable of 7w – 75w power. It has a spring loaded centre pin and can fire as low as 0.1 ohm. It comes with a 4ml juice capacity, which is going to have to be revisited come may when the TPD comes into force. But all in all it’s a lovely piece of kit and is great for both beginner and intermediate vapers alike.

Kangertech Coils

Unlike previous Kangertech coils, these newer coils are no longer boxed shaped. Fear not, you can still use your old coils in the Nebox as well as the new, and the new coils are also backwards compatible on the older Kangertech Subtanks and all future coils from Kangertech will be comprised of stainless steel.

Who Are Their Audience?

Kangertech are very accessible to both the new vaper and the experienced. They’re especially good for beginners as they’re affordable and easy to use. Whilst they may lack the firepower and functionality of the higher-end models, they provide a fantastic way into vaping for the eager beginner.

While the ‘Made in China’ tag often raises alarm bells when it comes to vaping technology, a major selling point of Kangertech is their focus on safety. Co-founder Danny Zhu when speaking to the New York Times back in 2014 admitted his concern regarding the low-quality control of his fellow Chinese manufacturers. Zhu claimed that there were many small workshops in China and not all of them have effective quality control or safety certifications for the materials they use. “Some of their products are simply covered in a layer of paint. It’s unhealthy.”

Kangertech’s Impact on the Industry

Kangertech is one of the biggest hitters in the vaping industry, think of them as the Chelsea of the Premier League. This is down to a number of reasons, being based in China for example, means manufacturing costs are much lower than American or European items, resulting in cheaper products. However, they are aware that this can lead to safety concerns, though Kangertech assure their demographic that every safety check has been conducted and every item is put through vigorous testing.

In terms of aesthetics, Kangertech’s items look and feel incredible. Their smooth, sleek design makes them easy to hold and navigate, especially for the new users. Whilst other high-profile models may look like spaceships, Kangertech keep to the basics, which in my eyes, is usually better.

Final Notes

It is safe to say that Kangertech is a mainstay in the vape industry. They have managed to stay relevant no matter the state of the industry. Kangertech will undoubtedly continue to produce safe, efficient and innovate products to the market for both the smoker looking to quit or for those who want to get the most out of their vape experience.

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