Is Vaping Bad For Your Teeth?

Is Vaping Bad For Your Teeth?

Is Vaping Bad For Your Teeth?

It’s a well known truth that smokers have poor oral hygiene. With everything from nicotine and tar to ash and smoke entering your mouth as a smoker, it’s unsurprising that you experience tooth discolouration, harmful bacteria and more.

To combat the damaging effect that smoking has on the body, many of those addicted to the bad habit are swapping to e-cigarette vaping in an attempt to improve their health.

While many know that vaping is better for their respiratory health than smoking, can the same be said for their oral health? Read on to find out.

Disclaimer: SmokShop is not medically qualified to provide advice about the health risks and benefits of vaping. Please consult a doctor or trusted medical resource for more information.

Smoking and oral hygiene

If you’re asked to describe a smokers mouth, it’s probably not something you’re keen to do. This is no surprise given that a cigarette smokers oral hygiene is hugely worsened by inhaling the fumes. Here’s how:


It’s completely normal to have bacteria in your body, as long as they’re the right ones. But for smokers, this is where the problem starts. A combination of the heat from smoke and nicotine and tar contained in cigarettes contribute to the mouth harbouring the wrong kinds of bacteria.

These bacteria can become harmful, causing everything from bad breath and ulcers to tooth staining.


Like the rest of the body, the mouth needs good circulation for effective blood and oxygen flow. But the bacteria, tar, nicotine and other harmful substances inhaled during cigarette smoking all prohibit effective circulation, providing a perfect spot for harmful bacteria to fester.


One of the most noticeable signs of a smoker is the notorious yellowed smile. This is because the tar, nicotine and smoke all contribute to the staining of the teeth.

Tar, naturally, is a sticky material. When you smoke, you’re essentially breathing this in and allowing it to line your teeth, hence the staining.

Vape to the rescue?

But is vaping the solution here to save the day for smokers conscious of their oral hygiene? We all know vaping is less damaging to the body than smoking traditional cigarettes, but can the same be said for the state of your oral hygiene?

To an extent, yes. Just like the reduced effects vaping has on the rest of the body, vaping e-cigarettes can be better for oral hygiene. Here’s how:


E-liquids don’t contain tar, meaning they’re the better option for better oral hygiene.

Although some e-liquids do contain nicotine, there are plenty of options available that don’t, so you can select the best option possible for the health of your teeth.


Because e-liquids contain no tar and little to no nicotine, they should have minimal effect on circulation.

However, it should be noted that the heat of the vapour can dry the mouth and reduce circulation, but this can be easily overcome with regular hydration.


The components of cigarette smoke that stain teeth, tar and nicotine can be avoided altogether with e-cigs, greatly lowering the risk of stained teeth.

Tar is not present in any e-cigs, and the amount of nicotine is entirely up to you as the vaper, making them suitable for those conscious of the effects on their smile.

For more information about the effects of vaping on oral hygiene, seek the advice of a dentist or similar medical professional. To find out more about vaping and e-cigarettes, visit SmokShop today.

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