Introducing Wick Liquor E Liquid

Introducing Wick Liquor E Liquid

Introducing Wick Liquor E Liquid

Wick Liquor E Liquid

Keeping up our promise of bringing the very best e liquids and e cigarette products on the market, right to the doors of our customers, we’re delighted to announce the arrival of a new juice called Wick Liquor.

Wick Liquor hails from the wild arid deserts of the USA. According to their branding they’re bandits from way out west that have rolled into town with a rooting tooting new liquor for all you varmites to vape on. So we heard about this strange new liquor and had to give it a try, and guess what? We loved it!

Wick Liquor haven’t got many flavours on the market yet, but what they have got is a real treat. They haven’t really got a niche and the three flavours we’ve added to our inventory are as different from each other as Wicks are to the rest of the vaping world. There’s something strangely intoxicating about their flavours and we had to order some for our customers to try. If you haven’t tried a glazed donut vape yet, then you’re in for something special. We’re stocking Wicks Liquor juices in 30ml bottles and up to 6mg nicotine strength. They’re high on VG and a bargain at just £13.00 a bottle.

Flavours by Wick Liquor

De Ja Voodoo

There’s some real voodoo magic going on with this delicious Santa Barbara coconut husk infused with Chula Vista sugar cane. It’s a unique flavour that just rolls off the taste buds leaving behind a heady aftertaste of sweet coconut. It has an almost perfume odour and the coconut is subtle, but just enough to give you a twizzle. This is a vape that’s not for everyone, but we loved it and thought we’d offer it up to our more adventurous customers to try.


Boulevard is a fruit punch mixed with loganberries. It’s another unique flavour and so fruity delicious we kept coming back for more. It’s got a strong fruity smell and unlike the subtleness of De Ja Voodoo, this juice really has a kick full of flavour. If you like your fruity vapes then this juice has to be tried.


Going from the sublime to the elegant, we now go to the sheer American craziness. Carnival is a Santa Monica glazed donut flavour mixed with Cholo sugar skull cake. It’s sweet, sugary smell will have you swooning and the delicious creamy skull cake comes through on the aftertaste. This juice is about as unique as it comes and there’s something about the flavour that’ll make you want to vape it all day long. This is a tied favourite with Boulevard on our taste test and both juices should have a place on any vapers shelf.

Wick Liquor have really hit the vaping world with a storm, and though they only have a few flavours at the moment we can see big things for these guys. If you like your quirky vapes and like to vape something a little out of the norm then Wicks Liquor might just be the perfect brand for you.

30ml bottles are available on our website for just £13.00 each.


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