Introducing the Wismec Motiv E Cigarette Starter Kit

Introducing the Wismec Motiv E Cigarette Starter Kit

Introducing the Wismec Motiv E Cigarette Starter Kit

 Style and Convenience Re-imagined

Let’s be honest, a lot of people thought vaping would die out soon after its release, or at least fail to live up to expectations, like Batman Vs Superman. Though, in today’s society it turns out vaping is more popular than ever (unlike the aforementioned film, unfortunately).

Many people during the early stages of vaping saw E cigarettes as a replacement to smoking (which is still is), and it arguably offers a ‘healthier’ alternative. But with so many options and products on the market, vaping has gone to a whole new level.  With so many options available it can be difficult to find a product that’s perfectly suited for you, especially if you’re new to the scene.

SmokShop’s new Wismec Motiv seeks to quell your questionings and invite you to indulge in an easy-to-use vaping kit. Designed in California, Motiv is the first elliptic device with a built-in atomizer by Wimsec. What does that mean? Essentially, the atomizer uses a heating element (more often than not, a very small gauge wire) to vaporize the e-liquid.

Wismec Motiv

The design revolves around the concept of convenience; essentially serving as a great intermediate device that uses low resistance coils to use more vapour. What does that mean? Well, the advantage of using low resistance coils is that it increases vapour production, therefore more smoke and better flavour. It also allows for a better intake, meaning that you get more of a ‘hit’, this is ideal for those who like to directly inhale, as the airflow can be adjusted using the ring at the top of the tank. It’s a straightforward top fill and has plenty of airflow, allowing you to easily tweak your vaping style.

An important factor that separates this from other vapes is that you don’t need to adjust the power, as the Wismec does it for you, simple. To make things even more convenient, the 2ml e-liquid tank is easily filled by removing the top cap and is specifically designed to limit the risk of leaks (a common problem). The atomizer head sits at the bottom of the sleek top cap with a collar holding it securely, so any fear of leakage is dispelled.

Two coil heads are also included for you to try, one being a dual coil and the other a new notch coil design. These designs provide different outcomes, the dual coil typically produces a higher amount of vapour, the reason for that is the amount of contact area between e-juice and coils. Two coils immersed in e-juice transfer heat faster and to a larger volume. In other words, dual coils tend to deliver the same amount of vapour in a shorter time, though this consumes battery life faster than singular coils. The new notch coil on the other hand is able to heat up quickly and provide an incredibly clean flavour due to its stainless steel structure, which also helps with temperature regulation.

Wismec E cig

The Motiv is Tailored for Convenience

The device itself is tailored for convenience, with its flat, smooth shape that fits perfectly in the natural curvature of your hands. It comes in silver, grey, white, red or black with a smart, crisp finish. This small device packs a lot of life with its 2200mAh, meaning you can refill many times before having to recharge, and you can even vape whilst the Motiv is charging. Customisation has become an imperative requirement with modern vapes and the Motive allows you to customise the battery-life indicator to a selection of colours, if you didn’t feel suave enough already.

Don’t think this is just for beginners however, as this device also functions as a fantastic step-up for anyone that feels they require more vapour or a stronger taste. With so many different flavours to choose from, the possibilities are almost endless and due to the Motiv’s low resistance coils, the intake and flavours you can experience will take your breath away, literally. Obviously this is all down to personal preference, as the very concept of vaping revolves around personal choice and opinion.

This is a device designed to suit everyone, from the first-time buyer to people wanting a new change of style or experience. With its sleek design, powerful battery and broad customisation choices this is one of the hottest vape products you can buy.

The Wismec Motiv on sale here for £29.99.

The Wismec Motiv marks itself as an innovative step forward in the vape market, and hey, who doesn’t want to enter the room shrouded in a whimsical cloud of sensual smoke as if you’ve just opened the headline act at Glastonbury?

I know I do. Just try to remember not to sing.

Written by: Kevin Ewbank
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