Introducing the New Kanger Subvod Starter Kit

Introducing the New Kanger Subvod Starter Kit

Subvod Starter KitHere at Smokshop we’re big fans of Kangertech. Kanger have been leading the way in vaping since 2007, and their starter kits have been some of the most popular on the market. So suffice to say we were excited about their entry into the ‘sub ohm’ market with their highly anticipated Kangertech Subvod Kit.

Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub ohm vaping has been popular with advanced vapers for a few years now. It works by using a coil with a resistance of less than 1 ohm (hence the name sub ohm), and produces a more powerful hit than conventional coils. More power means bigger clouds and if you’ve spent any time with advanced vapers you’ll know it’s all about the size of the cloud.

But aside from bigger clouds, sub ohm vaping also produces fuller, richer flavours. The coils are bigger and more resistant to heat so they can produce a denser vapour, which means a stronger flavour. Kanger might be new to the sub ohm world, but they aren’t the first to introduce a sub ohm kit. There’s been a few sub ohms on the market for a while now, such as Joytech and Aspire, but Kanger bring their reputation for user-friendliness and well-made starter kits, so their new Subvod Kit has been eagerly anticipated.

The developers at Kangertech have been quite canny sitting back and it’s given them an opportunity to study other sub ohm kits, to see what works and what doesn’t. They’ve put all this knowledge into their new Subvod Starter Kit. So what’s in it?

The Starter Kit

The kit contains a 1300mah ego style battery, and a Subtank Nano-s with the new SSOCC 0.5ohm coil installed. The battery is charged by a micro USB cable (included) and has a 510 connection allowing it to be used with other 510 compatible tanks. The Subtank Nano-s is a decent sized 3.2ml Pyrex tank which contains airflow control.

It all comes in at a combined weight of 98g, so it’s a great lightweight and pocket friendly kit to carry around. The finish is sleek and modern and it looks great. The starter kit is aimed at simplicity and is easy to set up and start vaping, even for the most inexperienced beginners. There’s no fiddling around with settings and variable voltages, you just plug, play and enjoy your sub ohm vaping experience.

The Battery

The battery has everything you need such as a charging light indicator, a 5 click control switch and a 10 second cut off for safety. All the usual safety features are included, such as short circuit, overcharge, low resistance and over use protection. The button will also flash if the battery needs charging, so you have a good visual reminder when your battery is low. It’s a fixed 3.7v battery so no need to adjust any settings, you just click and go. The 1300 mAh means it will last for most of the day before recharging, but heavy use may see it drain quicker. It charges pretty quick though through a micro USB port so you can charge ‘on the go’. It stays cool unlike some sub ohm batteries that tend to get hot during heavy use and it can handle a resistance down to 0.4ohm. It also contains a spring loaded 510 connector making it compatible with other atomisers.

It’s available in 6 sleek colours, including the classic silver and black and has a classy, futuristic look and feel.

The Tank

Along with the new battery the Subvod Kit also includes an amazing new Nano-s tank. It’s an upgraded version of the popular Subtank Nano and comes with some great improvements. The Nano-s tank includes an SSOCC 0.5ohm Sub Ohm coil, made from aluminium alloy and Pyrex glass. It’s a vertical stainless steel coil rather than a Kanthal coil and it’s wicked with high-end Japanese Organic Cotton. The airflow has been improved and now includes four airflow options to cater for most style of vapers. With the airflow wide open the Nano-s tank provides amazing clouds and a throat hit that will please even seasoned sub ohm vapers, but you can lower the setting for a more toned down vape.

The Pyrex glass has been toughened for durability and all in all this is a very well made tank.  It has a pretty decent 3.2 ml capacity, which should last for quite a while with moderate use. The tank also comes in a 1.9ml size just in case the TPD gets its way and introduces a 2ml tank limit (watch out for that one in May 16). Filling the tank is as easy as can be. Simply unscrew the base and fill the tank with your preferred e liquid. We’re very impressed with the Nano-s tank as it’s well built and serves its purpose exceptionally well. It’s just another addition that makes the Subvod Kit one of the best on the market for new vapers.

The Coil

The coil is the part that allows the heat for the killer clouds and Kanger have introduced a great coil in their Subvod kit. It has a Stainless Steel OCC 0.5ohm coil head included and unlike past Kanthal coils this works exceptionally with the Uwell Crown. It’s also positioned vertically and wrapped in Japanese Cotton wick, to give a full, long lasting vape. Kanger have obviously done their homework with this tank and the results are a cleaner, more flavourful vape, and even bigger clouds than their original OCC coil heads. These coils are rated for use up to 60w, and wick nicely with high VG e liquid.

Although the kit comes with a fixed wattage battery, the coil in the tank works exceptionally well with variable wattage batteries. At 40-45w the coil produces a wonderful crisp flavour with dense clouds and makes for a marvellous vaping experience. Kanger seem to have surpassed themselves with this latest coil and it’s one of their best products yet. And combined with the battery and the tank we can see the Kanger Subvod Kit being one of the ‘go to’ buys of 2016.


The new Kanger Subtank Nano-s with its new SSOCC coils and sub ohm battery is a fantastic purchase for both beginners and advanced vapers. The complete kit screams quality and offers an amazing sub ohm vape that if you haven’t tried yet may very well change your vaping experience. It comes in at just £28 for the full kit and has been flying off the shelves since we introduced it in November 15. If you haven’t tried sub ohm vaping yet, here’s your chance.

See it on our store here.

Also if you really want to treat yourself, there’s also the Kanger Subox Nano Kit.  This combines all the innovations above but includes a 50w mod and a sub tank in matching colours. It’ll require an 18650 battery and is a great kit for the advanced cloud chasing vapers.

See it on our store here.

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