Introducing The Kanger Nebox Kit – Review

Introducing The Kanger Nebox Kit - Review

Introducing The Kanger Nebox Kit – Review

Nebox review

2016 is an exciting year for vaping, and despite the threat of the TPD, new innovative products keep hitting the market. Today we’re looking at the Kanger Nebox, which is a beautiful looking, awesome piece of kit.

It seems Kanger have taken note of the popular Joyetech eGrip and modelled their Nebox in a similar fashion. This design of electronic cigarette has proven popular among vapers who like the fact that the tank is hidden within the device. It doesn’t look how we imagine an e cigarette should look, and that’s one of the plus points. But Kanger being Kanger they haven’t just outright copied the eGrip, they’ve made a vast number of improvements that make the Nebox an infinitely better device.

What do you get?

The Kanger Nebox hosts a built-in 10ml capacity tank which comes pre-loaded with the Ni200 coil but also supports OCC & SSOCC. The Nebox boasts temperature control and outputs a cool 7-60w. The Nebox is a great looking ergonomic all-in-one device which is perfect for the modern vaper.


Brand – Kanger
Model – Nebox Kit
0.15ohm support
Battery: 18650 (Not included)
Rebuildable: Yes
Watt: 7-60w
Temp controlled: Yes
Tank Capacity: 10ml
Colour: Black, White, Red, Blue

Kit Contents:

1 x 0.15 ohm (Nickel Coil)
1 x 0.5 ohm (SSOCC Coil)
Drip Tip
RBA pre-built coils
RBA Mini
Organic Cotton sheet
User Manual
Charging Cable
Battery stickers

One of the biggest selling points of the Nebox is the design, and it looks amazing. If Captain Kirk was a vaper, he’d be vaping a Nebox. It’s smooth, sleek looking design is a joy to look at, and to hold, but of course looks only get you so far, so what’s it vape like?

For starters it has a built-in 10ml tank. This is huge for a device that can fire up to 60w and it’ll give you plenty of vaping time before you need to refill. It has a large window on the side so you can keep a clear eye on your levels and avoid any horrible dry hits. It fills by unscrewing the cap, which also gives you access to the coil head, and is an extremely user friendly device, great for beginners.

Secondly it has 2 x sub ohm coils and is temperature controlled. The temperature control limits the temperature of the coils and avoids burnt wicks and overheating.  This is useful, some would say essential when vaping in variable wattage mode up to 60w.

The power of this device in variable wattage mode is simply monstrous. Only the most hardened vapers will find fault with its power, and as a device aimed at beginners to intermediate vapers the Nebox is one of the most powerful on the market.

The kit contains an organic cotton sheet for wicking, and a host of handy extras so you have everything you need to start vaping right out of the box.

It’s an extremely versatile kit, and the coils are not the usual square, box-like shaped OCC’s found in previous Kanger tanks. The new coils come in 0.5-ohm, 1.2-ohm and 1.5-ohm, and are made with Stainless Steel. The TC coils are made with Ni200 wire but are housed in the same Stainless Steel. The thing that makes it so versatile is you can use both the old square coils, and the new SSOCC coils in other Kanger Subtanks. If you buy the Nebox, which is one of the cheaper devices in the range, you’ll still be able to use these new coils and use them in other Subtanks you might own.

All in all the Nebox is a fantastic device for new or beginner vapers and a great introduction to advanced vaping. It looks amazing and is packed full of features that’ll give you plenty of options to find your preferred style.

At £49.99 it’s a steal. All you’ll need to add is an 1850 battery, and you can get an awesome Efest battery for only £10.99 that’ll push the limits of your sub ohm vaping.

See the Kanger Nebox Kit on our store here.



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