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Introducing the Innokin Kroma Kit E Cigarette

Introducing the Innokin Kroma Kit E Cigarette

This is a very cool and professional piece of kit. Simple, easy to use and perfect for beginners up to intermediate users. It’s the Innokin Kromer Kit. Here are the initial specs:

  • It has 2000mm amp lipo pack which sits inside, which is impressive considering its size!
  • Maximum outage wattage is 75 watts and the maximum current it can draw form the lipo is 35.5amps.
  • Maximum output voltage is 7.5volts
  • Atomiser resistance at minimum is 0.1
  • The coil that comes with it is 0.8 ohms and can be vaped between 20-35 watts.
  • Temperate control mode: Nicol, titanium and stainless-steel – they also say on the instruction manual that the stainless-steel coils are actually recommended.
  • Temperature control is only available with TC compatible coils obviously.

That’s the general info on the Kroma Kit, now for an in-depth look.

What’s it Like?

It comes in various colours to match your desired look and the shell is made of a sort of gnarled plastic which feels great in the hand. Charge port is located on the front (bottom) along with the down/up settings and a large power button. The main panel screen is located on the other side and has a sleek, classy head display.

Click the fire button three times to turn it on, the panel will show you the wattage, battery life and below that you’ll find the puff counter. The wattage mode will fire as allow at 6 watts and will go all the way to 75 watts. When you apply a new coil, it will ask you to re-select (if you so desire) just so that the device can perform as it’s supposed to. In temperature control mode, it will fire as low as 300 degree Fahrenheit, changing it is done by holding down the up/down button and you’ll be able to adjust the temperature. It goes all the way up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want it in Celsius, it goes as low at 150 and up to 315 Celsius.

If you hold the up and down button as the same time you will bring up the puff counter display, resistance, voltage and also gives you the option to flip the screen. The battery is a 2000mm amp so it should last you a very long time (depending on your settings, obviously) however it will hold its own even if you do choose to use it on higher settings. Charge time is around an hour and a half and you can vape as it charges, so that’s always a bonus!

The Verdict

The slipstream tank it comes with is okay, it does the job but leaves little room for experimentation. The flavour is good, nothing incredibly special, it holds 2mm of e-liquid which isn’t a lot but should be enough for beginner users. The biggest pro to this device is that there is no leaking, none!

There is no complicated menu, the layout is simple and the instructions are very basic. I would definitely recommend this to beginners or intermediate users.

The only real issue is airflow control, it feels slightly flimsy but that is about it for this device. It can sometimes be tricky to attach the adapter and it’s supposed to sit flush in there, so that’s another small con.

Apart from that, this is a solid, smooth and genuinely well-built device!

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