Introducing Ruby’s Originals E Liquid

Introducing Ruby’s Originals E Liquid

Introducing Ruby’s Originals E Liquid

This week I’ve added another exciting new range of e liquid to our inventory, and this time it hails from our very own London town. Ruby’s Originals are a relative newcomer to the vaping world and they’ve created six delicious new flavours. We’re proud to announce we now stock all six right here at

About Ruby’s Originals

Ruby’s Originals brings you a delicious new range of juices, each hand-crafted for your vaping pleasure.  Their brand is based on a selection of 1940s pin-up girls, and each one reflects their own distinctive flavour. The collection includes Betty, Vera, Nancy, Peggy, Ruth and Rose and is the result of many months of tireless work to perfect each unique and enticing flavour. The nicotine levels are quite low with Ruby’s and the maximum is 12mg. Maybe they have one eye on the TPD, or maybe they’re just targeting those of you that are weening off the nicotine. If you’ve got your intake down to the 6mg range, then Ruby’s Originals offer a great range of flavours to choose from.

The 40s pin-up girl is an interesting angle and we’ve seen all sorts of branding quirks within the vaping industry. As we always say though, the real proof of an e liquid is in the vaping, so what have Ruby’s Originals got to offer?

Flavours by Ruby’s Originals

They’ve got a range of six unique flavours. As with most vaping manufacturers their keeping their range small to begin with, which is always a good idea. In the world of vaping quality outranks quantity any day of the week.

Ruby’ Originals – Betty

Ruby's Originals - Betty

Betty is a 50/50 mix of VG/PG, and is a dangerously appealing, punchy strawberry jam, with swirly ice cream and a hint of marshmallow. It offers a remarkably sweet vape, so if you have a sweet tooth this’ll be right up your alley. The strawberry jam comes through amazingly well, and the ice cream and marshmallow just add to the whole sticky sweetness. If you like sweet vapes, you’ll love Betty.

Ruby’s Originals – Nancy

Ruby's Originals Nancy

Nancy is a divine mix of fruits from the forest with a cool mint that refreshes the taste buds. If you want something a little less sweet than Betty, then Nancy offers that along with a cool mint to help cleanse the palate. It’s a lovely little flavour and definitely worth a go.

Ruby’s Originals – Peggy

Ruby's Originals Peggy

Keeping with the cool mint, Peggy is mixed with a luxurious chocolate and a hint of sweet cookie dough. There’s something about chocolate and mint that tastes as if they were made for each other. This is a rich chocolate flavour dampened down with some sweet cookie dough and finish off with a cool mint aftertaste. Mmm, delicious.

Ruby’s Originals – Rose

Ruby's Originals Rose

If you like your vapes a bit sharper then how about Rose? Rose is a blend of citrus fruits with a hint of vanilla that’s great as a palate cleanser. It’s fresh and breezy, and that hint of vanilla gives it a nice little twist.

Ruby’s Originals – Ruth

Ruby's Originals Ruth

Bananas are either something you love or hate when it comes to vaping. Well, if you love it then you’re in for a real treat with Ruby’s Originals Ruth flavour. It has a rich banana base with a splash of cream, sprinkles of nuts and a drizzle of caramel.

Ruby’s Originals – Vera

Ruby's Originals Vera

Vera brings out Ruby’s naughty side with a devilish Mojito to kick start the weekend.  It also has a splash of blueberry just to liven things up a bit, and offers an all-round unique vaping experience.

All Ruby’s Originals e liquids are a 50/50 VG/PG mix so offer a well balance vape. The nicotine range is a maximum 12mg and we’ve added the 3mg and 6mg in 10ml to our store. At £4.99 it’s a great price for a premium e liquid and you’ll have your own little slice of London. See the full range on our store here.


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