Introducing Digbys Premium E Liquid

Introducing Digbys Premium E Liquid

Introducing Digbys Premium E Liquid

Digbys E Liquid

We’re on a roll in 2016 adding more products and juices than ever before. We’ve made it our mission this year to give our customers the best brands of e liquid available, and with that in mind we’ve just stocked up on the very best flavours from Digbys Premium E Liquid.

Digbys are another UK manufacturer and are based in Dorset. They started out as ordinary vapers that weren’t quite satisfied with the e liquid flavours they found on the market. So instead of giving up they started making their own juices, and now have a line of flavours any e liquid manufacturer in the world would be proud of.

Digbys Flavours

Digbys Apple & Cinnamon Pudding

Being from Dorset, you’d expect the guys at Digbys would come up with some delicious pudding flavours. Well, you’d expect right because their baked cinnamon and apple pudding topped with a serving of custard is a real, sticky winter warmer. The rich aroma of cinnamon and apple will have you watering at the mouth, and the 50/50 mix ensures you’ll have a great kick into the bargain.

Digbys Dr Jekyll

Dr Jekyll is Digbys experimental side coming to the surface. It’s a heavy anise juice with a wormwood body and subtle notes of a bitter, but creamy mint base. It really is a unique blend and something all vapers should try, at least once.

Digbys Gunpowder

Gunpowder was Digbys first ever foray into the e liquid world, and as first attempts go, it’s pretty damn good. With this juice they started with a mix of anise and light citrus mix and finished it off with a cool undertone of mint. It’s still their favourite blend and one of their biggest sellers. If you want an entry into what Digbys are all about, then you should really give Gunpowder a shot.

Digbys Hooligan

We can’t imagine there being many hooligans down in Dorset, so Digbys created their own! This blend is a mix of sweet cherries, lemon, oranges and limes combined with a fizzy sensation. If you want to give your taste buds a hammering, then give Hooligan a bash! A great all day vape.

Digbys Moriya’s Mix

Moriya’s Mix is a zesty menthol offering. It has a heady eucalyptus hit with a cool menthol overtone and is a deliciously refreshing e-liquid. Like most menthol flavours this juice is an excellent palate cleanser, so it’s great if you’re suffering from vaper’s tongue.

Digbys Mum’s Custard

Custard flavours are all the rage these days and Digbys Mum’s Custard deserves its place right up there with the best. It’s a smooth vanilla custard, topped with with brown sugar and a slow simmered milk. It’s highly regarded among custard connoisseurs and definitely worth a try if you’re a custard fan.

Digbys The King

Named after the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley (apparently it was his favourite sandwich!) this juice is a nutty blend of peanut butter, cream and banana. It’s a unique taste sensation and once it’s tried, it’s never forgotten. We’re sure this juices is going to have our customers, all shook up!

Digbys The Ringmaster

We’ve heard a lot of talk about cereal flavoured juices lately, and it seems they’re beginning to make a bit of a trend. If you haven’t tried a cereal flavoured juice yet, then Digbys Ringmaster is the perfect place to start. It’s a sweet, wheat flavoured cereal topped with a variety of fruits and berries, and finished off with a dash of vanilla. If you struggle to get going in the morning, then a cereal flavoured e liquid might be just the answer.

We’ve been big fans of Digbys e liquids for quite some time and we’re delighted to now stock their best flavours. If you haven’t tried them yet, then you’re in for a real treat. We have eight wonderful flavours available both on our website and in our shops.

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