Introducing American Desire E Liquid by Vampire Vape

Introducing American Desire E Liquid by Vampire Vape

Introducing American Desire E Liquid by Vampire Vape

American Desire E Liquid

It feels like Christmas here at Smokshop and the new products just keep on coming. Today we’re delighted to introduce a brand new range from Vampire Vape called American Desire.

We’ve been stocking Vampire Vape e liquid for quite some time now and their flavours have proven a popular choice with our customers. So we were intrigued to find out they’ve developed a new range of juices dedicated to the sweet toothed vaper. American Desire pays homage to everything that’s great about America. The flavours are distinctly American and include everything from sweet sugar candy to New York cheesecake, and their sizes are distinctly large at 30ml. If you like your sweet tasting vapes then you’re in for a real treat with American Desire, and we have the full range right here at Smokshop.

American Desire Flavours

There’s only 5 flavours to choose from at the moment with Vampires new range, but we’re sure they’ll be adding to the collection as more crazy concoctions enter their heads. But for now the 5 they do have are very succinct and well worth a try if you’re a fan of dessert or sweet flavoured e liquids.


Caddy is a great blend for sweet custard lovers. It offers a dang good hit of juicy strawberry followed by a creamy custard finish. There are lots of custard flavours on the market, and this delicious strawberry custard is right up there with the best. It’s high in VG with a 65/35 mix, and the flavours come through beautifully. This is a perfect all day vape and one that’ll be staying with us for a long time.


This is one for all those Davy Crockett fans out there, not to mention the strawberry lovers. This has a really full flavour of strawberry, laced with a liquorice kick. As strawberry vapes go this is a real treat and the liquorice is subtle enough not to be over powering, but distinct enough to give your taste buds a gentle tickle.

Home Run

If you like your baseball, you’ll know a home run is something to shout about. This is a fruity breakfast cereal flavoured vape, and just lately we’re seeing a huge rise in popularity for cereal flavours. Does home run measure up to the best? It kicks out some pretty impressive clouds, but is a bit sweeter than most. If you like sweet cereal flavours then you’ll love it!


Liberty is the classic creamy vanilla cheesecake topped with Zingy lemon. As dessert flavours go this is right up there with the best. The flavours that come through have to be tasted to be believed, and you’ll find yourself vaping on this all day long.


Sureshot is a candy style fizzy sherbet twist that’ll remind you of being a kid again. If anyone remembers “Refreshers”, then they’ll know exactly what Sureshot tastes like.

So what’s our verdict on the new American Desire range by Vampire Vape? We think it’s a hot diggity winner, and a rooting tooting good buy. If you like your sweet flavoured vapes then you’ll be in for a real treat working your way through this lot.

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