How To Quit Smoking With A Vape

How To Quit Smoking With A Vape

How To Quit Smoking With A Vape

Ask most people who vape regularly what first got them into it, and they’ll likely tell you that they started off smoking ordinary cigarettes. Quitting smoking is one of the most popular reasons that people start using e-cigarettes and several studies have emerged over the last few years that back up its effectiveness. In one study, vapes were shown to be twice as effective as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) in helping smokers kick the habit.

Many of our customers here at SmokShop are one-time smokers who switched to e-cigarettes to improve their health and quality of life. For them, vaping is now a hobby that forms part of their day-to-day lives and connects them to a worldwide community of people like them.

Want to substitute tobacco for something that doesn’t infect your lungs with carbon monoxide and black tar? We don’t blame you. Here’s the SmokShop guide to quitting smoking using a vape.

1 – Get your equipment

There are hundreds of different vape pens and e-liquids available, which can feel pretty overwhelming for someone not well-acquainted with e-cigs. Thankfully, to break this barrier, there are lots of different starter kits available to get you off the ground. These typically come with a minimum of one battery, one tank and a charger. You can then purchase your e-liquids and get vaping! When it comes to finding an e-liquid that suits you, we firmly believe that experimentation is part of the fun. Try out different flavours and brands to find your perfect match.

2 – Drop nicotine level

When you first ditch the cigs for a vape pen, you’ll want to start with a high level of nicotine to satisfy your current habits. Don’t overestimate your ability to cope with a lower level as a beginner: it’ll likely increase your chances of relapsing to tobacco! The key with using vapes to quit smoking is to take it slowly. Everyone’s pace is different, as everyone has different physical, social or psychological triggers that make them want a hit of nicotine. It doesn’t matter how slowly you take it, the important thing is that you’re not damaging your health anymore!

3 – Start not carrying it on you

As the level of nicotine you’re relying on gets less and less, you may feel brave enough to leave your vape pen at home while you go to work, or attempt a night out without it. This is an important part of quitting—the objective isn’t to replace one dependency with another. We love vape pens, clearly. But if you can get to the place where you don’t need it on you all the time, that’s a healthier place to be.

4 – Go zero nicotine

Eventually, you might test-drive dropping the nicotine level in your e-cigarette all the way down to nil. If this is too hard for you on the first try, that’s fine, just put it back up ever so slightly and try again later. That’s the beauty of vaping, a tiny setback isn’t actually a setback. Going zero nicotine is a huge milestone—sustaining it for a decent period is a good indication that you’ve kicked your addiction.

5 – Have fun with it!

As we’ve said, a lot of our customers are ex-smokers. But they’re still our customers. Many people get really into vaping and there’s a whole community and culture built around it. Vaping is a hobby as much as it’s a mechanism for quitting smoking, with flavours and technology to experiment with. Once your nicotine addiction is gone, your vape pen doesn’t have to go. It can continue being a part of your life and may save you from any potential relapses.

Ready to get started on your journey to kicking the tobacco habit? Start browsing our selection of starter kits today!

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